More Cultural Differences - Strictness Levels & Demographic

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  • creativhoney

    From what I read on these threads it seems to me that the USA is a lot stricter than the UK, in all aspects of the religion. - Is this a general cultural thing, ie a lot of middle America are still a godfearing bunch, or just a witness thing, maybe a bit of both, and if anyone could provide examples of strictness, lets see how the same situation would be handled in the UK? -

    and is it easier going in cities than the country counterparts? -having said that is it the most severe in the tri state area?

    ps ( I always wanted to use tri state area in a sentence)


  • MidwichCuckoo

    From reading these forums, I get the same impression. I put it down (somewhat) to being 'distanced' so more detached from NY HQ.

  • creativhoney

    I hear tales of Elders invading BBQs demanding the music be turned off etc.. you just wouldnt get that here. my old cong spent half their lives imbibing food and wine. in that regard it was the good life.

  • yknot

    The United States never lost it's puritanical roots.....

    Vacations (Holidays)...... Europeans take them regularly Americans don't......JW Americans if they go consider 'going where the need is greater' vacations too.......or they count their DC or International Convention their vacation.

  • snowbird
    The United States never lost it's puritanical roots...

    Amen to that - especially here in the South.


  • blondie

    The further away you are from NY the less strict. Also things are stricter in remoter local congregations as opposed to urban areas such as Chicago or Miami or Houston.

  • yknot

    Rollerskating rinks and bowling alleys were banned by our old PO.

    Henchman of the PO was known to check radio dials for 'immoral radio stations'........also peoples cassette and Cd collections.

    With the exception of a once every 5 year get-together......all get-togethers were banned, only FS and early meeting show-ups were allowed for assocation.

    Until about 5 years ago the Elders kept a ruler to measure short skirt lengths.

    Echoing Blondie's comments..... my Houston area experience was the polar opposite of my current congregation.

    Another 'odd' obsevation is that the GB only visit DCs of those larger urban areas where liberals are more likely to dismiss their 'guidance' but are more likely to donate $$$$$$.........those who follow the GB faithfully are never recognized beyond some nobody Bethel elder speaking at their DC.

  • babygirl30

    I think it does have to do with demographic area....but that counts in the US also. Here on the East Coast (in the Northeast) I am located 2hrs from not only do a lot of NYers come into our area to live (because it's cheaper then NY but close enough to commute for work) and I swear that being that close to headquarters gave everyone this 'aire' of superiority! We always got regular Bethel speakers, visitors, invitations to the annual mtgs, etc. But the RULES seemed to be upheld a lot closer here also. Having so many JWs in and from NY and then being a quick drive there, it made things rather strict.

    Now I have friends on the West Coast (California) and also down South (Miami) and THEY have a completely different attitude about JW rules and all. The way they dress, act, things they say and do...everything seemed more 'lax' to me. Things they did would NOT fly up here in the NEast and would cause major issues in the cong IF they lived in this area of the US. But I'm guessing that since they are further from headquarters, and mix in the climate difference (summer all the time) - I understand how they tended to be more easy going when it came to the rule.

  • babygirl30

    JW Americans if they go consider 'going where the need is greater' vacations too.......or they count their DC or International Convention their vacation.

    YES!!!!!!!! I don't know how many JWs would literally consider the convention their 'summer vacation' or else they would plan family vacations 'working' where there need is greater in some God forsaken part of the state. WOW, thinking back to that stuff really makes me shake my head in disbelief. My family took LONG vacations on a regularl basis, and my mom would actually get upset if we didn't go to a Khall in the area we were vacationing...she really would make it seem like we weren't 'spiritual' because we didn't attend.

  • wantarevolution

    hmm vacations are normal here - they usually merge two congregations in August cos there are so many away for the whole month :D

    To be honest I find spain a lot stricter than where I am from though our PO is english and really chilled out - live and let live sort of vibe. The PO of a congregation further a long the coast us run by an american from NY who is a tyrant and a half. A lot of the heavies in the bethel in Torrejon are english so it tends to be more chilled. The spanish hall that we sometimes go to, you can tell is chilled - all the young ones have stayed and are pretty damn balanced.

    Now going to a hall in the states ....that's a different story. It always felt different..very different to what I was used to - it is hard to put my finger on what it was

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