Does anyone here believe that Jesus never existed?

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  • Newborn

    if so...why?

    I don't know what I believe so I'm just curious


  • dutchstef

    There is to much historic evidence that Jesus lived to denie it.

    But, to little evidence to prove that he realy was the son of god and did all those miracles....

  • zombie dub
    zombie dub

    as the man the bible describes, no I don't.

    there was probably a character the bible Jesus was based on though, or he could have been based on a few 'prophets' or teachers around at that time.

    dutchstef: what historical evidence? can you post some links please?

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Jesus may have been a fairly common name - at least I read that somewhere.

    Personally I have seen nothing convincing that any Jesus was 'Son of God' or 'Son of Man' as he is referred. The following that has become Christendom has arisen from something though - I believe he was likely a revolutionary minded man who inspired others against Rome. He became a heroic center of legend sometime after his death for treason.

    Just my lightly educated opinion on the subject.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Here is a place to start regarding the matter. I don't know that 'evidence' can prove it one way or the other - but 'thinking' about the matter might be good if you have doubts or wonderment.

    Others can prob give far better references than I can.


  • dutchstef

    There are a lot of historic stories, outside the bible that talk about jesus. I know that the most of them are written at least 35 years BC. but even opponents like the jews talk about him. There is a jewish babalonian talmood storie about jesus were he is acused being born outside a mariage, that maria was seduces by a roma soldier.

    I think the fact that not only early supporters, but also early opponents never questioned his existance is strong evidence.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Of course he existed.

    In 2000 years there will be groups spouting the wisdom of David Koresh and Charlie Manson. They existed. They were real. The future stories about them will be well edited by their followers, but they will be about real people. Very different people from what they actually were, but since when has that been important to a cult?



  • Newborn

    Interesting comments everyone!

    There is a jewish babalonian talmood storie about jesus were he is acused being born outside a mariage, that maria was seduces by a roma soldier.

  • AdaMakawee

    I think Jesus existed, he just wasn't god. Just like Robin Hood existed but was no where near the stuff of legends. All things get exaggerated and glorified with time. After all, 100 years later you can say they pretty much did anything and there aren't too many eye witnesses around to deny it.


  • MadGiant

    I don’t believe jesus existed. That is a matter of faith. You can say the same thing about Hercules, he was the son of Zeus (god) and Alcmena (mortal). You can link Hercules with the geography of the Western Mediterranean.

    That doesn’t means that any of his 12 labors were truth.

    In my opinion one cult flourish, the other didn’t.

    Take care,


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