Oh dear, I had a go at my Mum last night . . .

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  • nicolaou

    Me and the Mrs went round to my parents for a meal last night. It's always a mixed bag with them because as hospitable as they are (Greeks), there is no love between them - seriously. It was a forced marriage and my Mum has never loved Dad.

    Anyway, Mum is a loyal JW to the core, Dad was never interested. At the dinner table Mum has another go at Dad about his smoking. Bear in mind he always goes outside for his cigarette no matter how cold, wet or windy it is. Apparently he is being selfish and if he gets ill from smoking she won't look after him. She said (get this) 'no one who really loved their family would put their health at risk like that'.


    I love my Mum but I'm sick and tired of her constant sniping at my Dad who wants so little out of life - to watch his football team (Man' Utd), have a cigarette and enjoy the company of his family.

    Now c'mon guys, do I really need to tell you how I reacted and where I took the rather heated conversation?

  • undercover

    Um...could it be....The Blood Doctrine??

    Dear old Mum walked right into that one...bless her heart...

  • nicolaou

    Yep, you got it! I compared the blood card in her purse to the packet of cigarettes in Dads pocket - she did NOT like that!

    But oh, how it went on from there . . . . . .

  • jamiebowers

    I can't remember the scripture, but isn't it written that a nagging wife is like drippng water or something like that?

  • ninja

    your dad had my sympathy up until supporting man u...........your poor mum..............he he

  • BabaYaga

    Good job. I wouldn't have been able to resist that one, either. It is odd, isn't it... that is the first thing that comes to our minds as ex's... and yet she didn't see it coming?

  • Chalam

    But oh, how it went on from there . . . . . .


    Of course, the blood card carries no health warning :(

    Smoking Kills

    Maybe they should? "Leviticus 17:11 For the life of a creature is in the blood [and lack of blood kills] "


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    ninja, remind me to bring you along for any future family feuds.


    p.s. Go Barcelona FC!

  • ninja


    now we're talking

  • creativhoney

    the bible says there is no greater gift than you lay down your life for another,

    the bible refers to blood as life

    I conclude we should all give blood.


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