New construction in Walkill just announced - requesting volunteer workers 19-55 yrs. old.

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  • flipper

    It really is paradoxical that the WT society blathers on about the end being " imminent " yet commits to a 3 year construction project at Wallkill . It's so apparent like Farkel said that the boys at the top " don't even believe their own bull$hit ". I agree. The WT society is making a business or a corporation out of duping the typical rank and file Jehovah's Witness into spending their precious time, energy, and $$$$ to benefit the GB, corporate WT attorneys, and all the other big boys at the TOP of the WT society.

    I wonder if brothers traveling to helpat Walkill will get per diem, lodging expenses, and travel expenses ? LOL! Not. That would be in dreamland. Yes- these men are criminal at the top. And yes, they don't believe in anything except profiting themselves

  • Farkel


    It was Ray Franz who mentioned the long-range expansion plans around pre-1975. I would assume it would be the opening of new foreign Branches, printing/distribution centers or any larger projects, somewhat like Patterson. Those things do take a long time to make happen.


  • lrkr

    They think that their construction is the foundation of the new world.

    I'll bet the residential facility is to house the workers who will be building the Ramapo facility- and once thats done- they can move out of Brooklyn once and for all.

    Then Rockland county will be flooded with Hasidim and JWs!!!

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