Article: Will Jehovah’s Witnesses Abandon Brooklyn Heights?

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  • dutchstef

    Read an article in the "Brookling daily Eagle, here's the link:

  • sir82

    Yep, I expect it is just a matter of time.

    They've bought lots of property recently, with prices low. Now they're just going to wait until the real estate market bounces back enough, to sell all of their Brooklyn Heights property. If they're lucky fortunate, the time it takes to build new residential complexes at their new property will nicely coincide with when that market recuperates.

  • bohm

    I think it is safe to draw the conclusion that the GB no longer think armageddon is right around the corner.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I'm surprised Jehovah didn't inform the GB that the market peaked about 5 years ago. He should have had all the properties on the market already starting at least 7 years ago. Maybe the nulight bulb needed changing.

  • dissed

    It just makes financial sense to move the operations out of the city, with or without the troubles they are having.

    Whats next? A university like all the other 'Doomsday" religions have done when their predictions ran out? (see Mormons, 7th Day Adventists)

    A college approved by the GB, one that all the JW's can attend to not only learn an 'approved' curriculum, but prepare them for the preaching work. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see that down the road as 'time runs out' on the 'end of days' prediction.

    If you want to know what their plans are for the future on anything, just take note of what the Mormons, 7th Day Adv. have done as they adjusted to becoming mainstream. The JW's are not far behind them.

  • dissed

    On the way out...

    I appreciate your sarcasm on why didn't JG inform them to sell when the market was high. They have always pointed out how JG helped them buy property in Brooklyn.

  • wobble

    Yup, and even a dumbass like me pointed out about 5 years ago that the best thing they could do was sell up and move out of Brooklyn.

    If I could see it, the Holy Spirit should have told the G.B.

    I think the recovery in prices will be slow, and cash-flow problems may force them to sell early, what a disgusting mis-management of donated money.



  • cattails

    It was just announced by letter to all congregations that there's going to be new construction in Walkill.

    New Housinging buildings added, new multi-storey parking garage added as well.

    They're asking for Bros with good spiritual qualifications from ages 19-55 to work from one week, to 3 months.

    If a Bro applies to work for a month of more and is married the sister needs to apply too.

    If a brother is over 55 he can still apply since "as done in the past" if there is a shortage of volunteers they may begin taking older brothers.

  • WTWizard

    And I am not going to lift a finger for those witlesses. I hope their donations plummet, so they end up in foreclosure before the market rebounds, and they end up taking a bath on all their investments.

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Its another proof the end is sooooooooo close!


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