Which coffee person are you?

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  • SnakesInTheTower

    I drink black coffee....for everyday in the morning it is just Columbian Folgers.... but a few times a week, my well-caffeinated fiancee and I will drink various flavors....right now those are Viennese Cinnamon or Highlander Grog (I think it is flavored with a bit of whisky) ...I grind the beans fine and brew with filtered water...

    ...I dare not ever suggest not having coffee.... in fact, my birthday gift to Toni was a BrewStation... I set up the coffemaker the night before and set the timer for 10 minutes before she has to get up for work...and I get up with her to actually make the coffee.... if I don't...and she makes the coffee or pours or preps her own (1 splenda and creamer or half and half)...the counter and/or the side of the cabinet and/or the floor is a mess...

    ....she does not do well before her first large cup...

    ...regarding Starbucks..I can't stand them.... both because their coffee is brutally strong (and I like strong coffee...just want some flavor)....and because I was at a Mills mall yesterday and Starbucks' kiosk was closed for the moment...so I went to the other stand....and found out it was a local owner ...who had been run out of another mall with an "exclusivity agreement" by Starbucks....so now I won't go to any Starbucks at all....and his coffee was much better...

    Snakes (Rich )

  • xeracia

    trueblue! They call that a redneck mocha? I had no idea it had a name! I started making my coffee that way when I was a teenager. No one taught me how to do it, I just decided one morning to try it and have been making my coffee that way ever since. I've added some stuff to it since then as well. I buy the caramel topping for ice cream and throw that into it, with some vanilla extract and some cream or milk...tastes as good as the stuff you can get at starbucks and is a lot cheaper.

  • parakeet

    If we asked dubs this question, they would answer in unison, "Dunkin Donuts!!!"

  • Newborn

    Blondie, point taken, coffee has more or less become science these days....but same as for QL, over here "amercian coffee" means just a regular cup of black bruied coffee.

    Towaeds the bottom, it gets crunchy.

    Satanus, you seriously like that??

  • Newborn

    in fact, my birthday gift to Toni was a BrewStation... I set up the coffemaker the night before and set the timer for 10 minutes before she has to get up for work

    Snakes...do you have a single brother???

  • Newborn

    ...or sorry a brother who is single?

    (damn English)

  • Newborn

    Don't think I'd fancy a redneck mocha...

    But this is interesting...everyone is very picky about their coffee

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    I have a Cappuccino machine at home which makes a great tasting double shot Cap. which I usually have in the morning.

    For regular coffee I prefer a light medium blend, Starbucks Breakfast blend is a nice tasting coffee, but I've had better.

  • Satanus

    'Satanus, you seriously like that??

    Yah, sometimes i like to chew it. I find that the stronger it is, the richer it tastes, like you get more oil out of the bean.


  • Newborn

    I get it!!

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