My Hyprocrite friend just got reinstated I found out on my facebook.

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  • Butterflyleia85

    This seriously cracks me up.

    I made a bold move and posted this. (because I know there are some on my facebook that are Jehovah Witnesses, but I support the exJehovah Witnesses now, I honestly hate hyprocrites but I also understand the struggle it is to be on one side by force and still be attached to the other side because of family, I respect honest people and it's not my place to expose people, that what the JW elders do, I keep to my own business).

    Remember that July 2009 Awake! Well notice these words on page 29:“No one should be forced to worship in a way that he finds unacceptable or be made to choose between his beliefs and his family.” This statement is extraordinary because that’s not the way it is in the Witness organization. Members that no longer believ ... e are forced to stay in the group otherwise they will lose family and friends. JWs strictly shun the disfellowshipped and those who disassociate themselves. Also, JWs can be disfellowshipped for not following the shunning rules. I left my fear of men along time ago. Just wanted to share with my friends! One comment: All I can say is "WOW". I am surprised this was published in their own magazine. Second comment: The words may have been taken out of context. The Witnesses do not force anyone to worship in a way they find unacceptable, but you do have to choose between your beliefs and family. That's true when you become a Witness and also true if you choose to leave the Witnesses. My comment:Thanks for the good comments! :) Ur rignt about the word "forced" it more like given the guilt trip. Forced more by their strong feelings of being rejected.
    On a side note, I personally have nothing against Jehovah's Witnesses moral value but as far as the way they handle their Organization members or exmembers a totally different story. My Hypocrite friend comment: I just got reinststed and I realize your upset the people you once were close to won't have anything to do with you. But you know what you are talking about is apostasy. Jehovah disfellowships people he loves in order that they may chage there ways. The wicked will be distroyed and some times it takes alot to wake people up. I'm glad I got d.f . again, otherwise i'd still be cheating and messing around with John. It took me alot to break that relationship but I couldn't have done it on my own. You know this is the truth and time is short. And all the moral values and guidelines are RIGHT FROM THE BIBLE. Satan is truely blinding the minds of unbelivers. I know how happy you were when you where severing Jehovah. I am happier now then I have ever been. I remember what It was like I was out for 3 years total. Since I was 18, and married way to young because of it, the only thing I would go back and change is not being able to use that time severing Jehovah, instead of getting drunk and partying. This is not the real live it's yet to come. So you know what you have to do if you want to gain salvation. My comment:That's awesome Amber! and you should Justin is a wonderful guy, I always incouraged you to do the right thing for you and your family! I have nothing against seeking happiness and doing what is right. Keep strong... :) But their is a difference between JW victims and true apostasy. I may not go back because of what I found... and JWs are smarter not to research their religion to stay strong and not be discuraged. I just sent her a private inbox message. Just remember, that Jehovah's Witnesses primary activity, that of "preaching" is designed to get people to apostasize against their former faith. (Hope you don't mind AllTimeJeff but it was a good comment. I know that is what she was looking forward to when she wanted to get back in.) And texted her husband. Hey sorry to bother u. But I just wanted to say I wld not be affended if Amber deleted me on Facebook I am apostate now. And speak against JWs! Respectfully {Me} Anyways I thought this was all hilarious! She is the girl that I was talking about in my early post. I believe she needs to be controled, seriously. She is the one that cheated on her husband while being a JW and cheats with her "best friend's husband", and then I had to hold this all in being a JW and her friend... heck no... I ratted her out to my elders and her husband and told her I did tell on her. After bagging her to confess her sins for months, I gave up... But to make it fair I confessed my sins too, so we both got DFed. But I really wanted nothing to do with her but didn't know how to tell her. I cared for her... don't know why but I did. Eventually when she keep on telling me her cheating stories and stuff I told her I think we should stop talking.

  • creativhoney

    a bold move, but i deleted all the witnesses off mine.

    I had one left who recently got reinstated and forgot she was on there till her halloween party pics came up. so I told my sis who told her lol and she deleted me.

    the ironic thing is, she may claim to have deleted me because Im Dfd but the real reason is that I saw her being a hypocrite and busted her. :P - ps i believe she took the photos down straight away.

  • Butterflyleia85
    Butterflyleia85 yelp here she is... she had a half naked picture up and then changed it to this when I put up my fiance and my picture up. lol She also still talks to John. And will do anything for money... sorry to say but it's true. She has friends that are nieve... she will back stab. I just saying all this because you all on here know the double life syndrome sadly many of them live. And here is proof of a person just that.

  • babygirl30

    PLEASE! I know pioneers that take skank-ho pics when they are 'in da club'...and their dingbat behinds POST that mess on FB like it's cute!!! Of course when word gets out about the photos, all of a sudden they come down and in it's place is a wholesome pic in service or with their boyfriend/husband...just flat out FAKE!!

    I still believe that Jehovah sees if she is still getting down and dirty YET got reinstated - good for her. But jehovah STILL knows what she is about and the crap she does. He can see through that mess (even if the elders can't).

  • undercover

    I have a question about Facebook postings as I am ignorant as to the ways of the Facebook.

    If you post something on your home page, or whatever, can everyone see it? Or just people you have allowed to visit your page?

  • babygirl30

    Just people that you have allowed access to YOUR page - can see your 'wall' information.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I know how happy you were when you where severing Jehovah.

    Yeah, I'd like to sever Jehovah all to pieces. Good times that would be.

  • Butterflyleia85

    undercover: Yelp just people I have on my friends list.

    billy the exbethalite: haha I feel ya man. I was happy in ignorance but once you get stomped on a few times... you ask why is that?

  • watson

    Amber has that "hot" look!

  • Butterflyleia85

    Yelp and she knows it too. ha She's a bet conceded! Geez to think I incoraged that crap. I was always taught it's what's on the inside that counts, but I loved to up build others and let them know they are beautiful especially some of my old JW friends because I remember there is alot of preasure to be humble and alot had low self asteem. It was sad such beautiful girls with little confidance. I didn't know this girl would take it out of preportion and go all evil on me.

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