The ONE 'sin' I NEVER heard of in all my time as a JW . . . . .

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  • dissed

    My wife had an abortion when it was 100% certain she and the embryo would die if the pregnancy continued. (1978)

    Troubling as it was to deal with that, I NEVER told her the Elders met to decide if she should be disciplined. They kindly informed me that this time they would not. Seeing as she was leaving Pioneering for health reasons, it didn't make sense to remove her only allowed priviledge in the JW org.

    At the time this happened, the WT was very clear on this matter, that it was ok.

    I was upset then that the Elders EVEN saw a need to get involved when their role should have been one of support.

    One Elder mentioned to her a word of encouragement, "its not such a bad thing, with no children, you can do more in JG service." Speaking of a kick while you are down counsel???

    I was upset then, the way it was handled. I'm even more upset as I'm typing this. This was over 30 years ago and she will find out today what really happened behind the scenes in the WT org..

  • dissed

    My wife said back in the 80's some sisters not wanting to have a baby would go and do stressful things to cause a miscarriage, like skiing, etc...

    Nothing the Elders could do "if" the sister kept quiet, no?

  • ninja

    one time I thought a sister had.....turns out it was just an ugly baby

  • stuckinlimbo

    I know I'm a month late hear but I thought it interesting that I have a newspaper article on my bookshelf about a woman who gave birth (via c-section of course) to a baby who grew in the fallopian tube. Full term healthy baby. So it's happened at least once. Its crazy that it was never picked up during routine checks, but just as well as she would have been advised to have the tube removed, which would have been the correct advice based on the fact that a tubal pregnancy resulting in a live birth is practically unheard of and rupture of the fallpian tube can kill the mother very quickly. However in this case mother and baby are healthy and very very lucky.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    I once heard a story of a health worker at an abortion clinic who said she always knew when she had a JW as a patient because they would always have a No-BLOOD stipulation?!?

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