Secret Santa 2009?

by Lady Lee 90 Replies latest jw friends

  • LouBelle

    I'm quite keen - even though I live sooooo far away - I'm willing too. So Lady Lee if it's acceptable (because then you'll have to take into account postage...) then I'm game - if not I understand.

  • wantstoleave

    Ohhh I would LOVE to do this! I'm in Australia though, will that be a problem for anyone?

  • judi8751

    Great idea.....but is the UK too far away ?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    In the past I have sent things to the UK and gotten things from Australia.

    To keep down the postage I could try to match people up from the same continent. It makes shipping cheaper and faster. It would be nice if people had their gifts by the holidays.

    BTW It doesn't matter if you celebrate or not, if you believe or not or even if you are still a JW (let me know that the gift needs to be not something clearly for Christmas like a tree ornament that a spouse would find objectionable.

    Most people wrap their gifts and then put the packaging on top of the wrapping. But if you prefer unwrapped (at leasdt with no Christmas paper let me know and I will pass that on to your secret santa.

  • wantstoleave

    Sounds great! As yet I don't have an xmas tree or anything remotely xmasey, but I'm working on my conscience to allow me How long have we got before we let you know whether we are willing to accept anything xmasey? Just so I have time to think about it :) I'll still definitely be in on the gift giving though :)

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    3 weeks. If you give then you get but like I said let me know if it has to be non-christmassy

    A lot of that can go in the other thread I will start in a couple of weeks

  • wantstoleave

    Awesome..thankyou! This will be my first xmas giving :)

  • blondie

    Add our names, Lady Lee.

  • chickpea

    like crapola... my first time in a secret santa !!

  • Emma

    Please add me though I did not receive my exchange gift last year. I hope everything is OK with the person who had my name.

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