I Want to Live Outside the Box

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, Elsewhere, for putting up the video - what memories it brings back!


    I really appreciate your response as you deciphered my not-too-obscure meaning. At least I thought so.

    I went to school in San Francisco proper, not the Daly City of song fame. It was a 4-stor[e]y row apartment I occupied, for $40 a month. And yes ... a box in Sonoma County would be the ideal. Been there as well as Alcatraz Island and I, too, have had that epiphany.

    Seems we can relate on all counts, mate! BTW, I've been to NSW and almost moved there! Almost ...

    MUCH obliged!

    CoCo de Californie

  • compound complex
  • zagor

    Yup I've got you mate, everything you need is already in you, you don't need anything or anyone for that matter to feel complete. Once people wake up to that realization it is liberating more than being "born again" whatever that is. Sadly, I'd say 99% of people are too trapped inside this prison called their own mind to even dare to see the world with eyes of complete, uninhibited freedom.

    Kinda like this image ...

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Greetings, Zagor:


    Have a great day.


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