I Want to Live Outside the Box

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    Good morning Coco!

    I live outside the box..

    The wilderness is very outside the box..

    You live or die here,every day..Depending on the choices you make..

    You may have to make that choice,in a split second..

    There is no taxi,no bus service,no dentists or doctors..

    On foot..

    Your nearest General store is hours away..

    If your hurt,you better be able to patch yourself up..

    If your bleeding,you better be able to sew yourself up..

    If you vehicle is in need of repair,you better be able to repair it..

    Outside the Box..

    Is a Beatiful Place to Live,or Die..


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    You're right, my fellow box-dwellers.

    Be careful what you wish for, remember Thoreau, live or die in the wilderness ... I'm happy for my box. Somehow this morning the methaphorical aspect came to mind and I felt some prose "coming on"!

    I appreciate your responses borne of personal experience.

    From the box,


  • Satanus

    You could become a freemason and live in triangles. Native americans were into triangles, as well.

    Or, be a knight templar and get into sacred octagonal geometry.

    On a month long canoe trip, i spent the whole time outside of boxes. It was strange, at the end of it, coming back inside, where the sky was no longer the cieling.


  • minimus

    I'm with FF.

  • yknot

    Well I hear there is cheap land out in West Texas where you can pitch a TeePee and eat mule deer and rattlesnake, grow a scarce garden and collect rainwater......

    Sleeping under the stars can be grossly overrated when the dew settles and you wake up cold and wet on hard ground......hoping an animal didn't whiz on you during your sleep or that a sleeping scorpion hasn't crawled into some place warm on your body.

    Embrace what you have and wantnot the things you don't.....

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thank you for your replies.

    Embrace what you have and want not the things you don't.....

    My aim was to be ironical. I am happy to live in a house, though I do not have a car. I no longer attend the KH, so I do not "qualify" for life in paradise. It's all a paradox, this our oft-perplexed frame of mind.

    I am happy to live in a box. Thank you, nevertheless, for the reminder to be grateful for what I have.

    CoCo de l'Ironie

  • restrangled


    Ahhh, the proverbial box....even for talented artists.


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thank you, ever dear restrangled!

    I'm off on a 30 minute walk to my piano lessons! Glad I caught your reply.



  • Elsewhere
  • zagor

    CoCo, I didn't know you were from SF, next time I'm there I'll get you out of the 'box' for a nice drive through Alexander Valley for some Vino sampling. You are a good man mate. I hear you when you speak of boxes. I used to do lots of crazy stuff in aftermath of my wtbs exist just to get out of the 'boxes' thinking where I go and what I do would make a difference always looking for solutions elsewhere, out there somewhere just not here, until one morning some six months ago I woke up turned on telly and watched commercial on National Geographic saying "the past is in the past, what we do now determines who we truly are" As crazy as it sound it was one of those wtf moments when things suddenly become clear. The box we need to get out of is in our own minds, basically there isn't one unless we see it. You can as well be on Alcatraz Island and be more free than someone living under the blue sky. Mind you, Sonoma County is absolutely gorgeous and I wouldn't mind relocating there and make a nice box of a house under a blue sky ;)

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