Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 11-08-09 WT Study (OBEDIENT)

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  • GLTirebiter
    GLTirebiter laden with time-consuming ceremonial rituals—that no workingman could possibly keep them. No wonder Jesus denounced the traditions as ‘heavy loads on the shoulders of men.’

    Here is another Watchtower double standard! If being so laden with rituals that no workingman could possibly keep up is wrong, how can sacrificng your family's well-being because you attend mutiple hours-long meetings and spend every saturday in field service be right? TFDS does indeed place 'heavy loads on the shoulders of men'.

  • WTWizard

    Now I am really going to trash the whole article, at the outset. Right away, they lie and tell us that Jesus was perfectly obedient to Jehovah (an external God). Reality is that Jesus was his own God, with no one else to obey except himself. He questioned everything he was told to do by religious authority, and encouraged others to become their own Gods instead of relying on Jehovah. This is virtually identical to what Satan did in Eden, yet religions paint Jesus as obedient to JEHOVAH!

    How could this be? Errors come into the text in various sources. The major ones I can think of are memory errors after 40 or more years, Paul confusing the writers, the early Catholic church editing things to make it look like Jesus was the perfectly obedient robot we see in today's Bibles, monks making transcription errors that alter the meaning of the whole text, and cults that dishonestly further tamper with the Bible. What was originally a message that Jesus wants each and every one of us to be independent and our own Gods becomes a message that Jesus was Almighty God Himself or that he always did what Almighty God wanted him to (depending on which religion you use), and that Jesus wanted people to do what God wanted instead of becoming independent.

    If Jesus was alive today, I think he would be going through the Bible finding all those times where it claims Jesus was exactly the opposite of what he really was. I could see him doing to the Bible writers and societies that are preserving the tampered-with version of how Jesus lived as he did to the money changers at the temples.

  • bobld

    Thanks Blondie.I enjoy your comments because you use their own publications to point out how hypocritical the wbt is.I cannot believe how the R&F accept everything at face value.Ex.those in there 60.s,70,s will say remember when we were told we would never finish high school and the end would be here.Only to say aren't you glad the end didn't come because look how many came into the truth .arrrh, morons.


    Does obedience to God mean obedience to the WTS (FDS/GB)?

    Were there times in ancient Israel that the belief systems were not in harmony with the Law?

    Should Israelites then just have blinded obeyed the corrupt priests?

    In Jesus' day did he tell his followers to blindly obey the religious leaders of his day? What about today, should jws blindly obey their religious leaders?

    (Matthew 15:13-14) . . .In reply he said: "Every plant that my heavenly Father did not plant will be uprooted. 14 LET them be. Blind guides is what they are. If, then, a blind man guides a blind man, both will fall into a pit."

    One of many excellent comments Blondie!!!

    Thank you for this analysis each week!!

  • sir82
    Par 9: Practically every day, in some way, we have to choose if we will do things Jehovah's way or not. In order to gain salvation, we must obey God and live by his righteous principles.

    Now that's weird - where are the Biblical citations for this doctrine? If our salvation is entirely dependent on "obedience to God", surely so important a point must have numerous direct Biblical verses explicitly stating this, right? Where are the "Read" instructions for those verses?

    Hmm....could it be that there are no Biblical verses stating, nor even implying, "your salvation depends on how well you follow the rules?"

    Could it be that there are a good dozen or so other verses that, in fact, make the exact opposite point? That your salvation does not depend on "works", even obedient works?

    Nah, that can't be it. Surely the Watchtower wouldn't obfuscate or misrepresent the Bible's message!

  • peacedog

    Thanks Blondie, and thanks also for including the scans of the article.

    Some comments:

    ch 2: After all, he had enjoyed intimate association™ with Jehovah for unknown aeons and had been God's "master worker" during creation. (Prov 8:30)

    There is not one single reference to Jesus in Proverbs 8. The WT$ has hijacked the 'personification of wisdom' in Proverbs, claiming these verses refer instead to Jesus. This is done despite the fact that throughout chapter 8 and throughout the entire book of Proverbs wisdom is personified as a woman:

    Wisdom calls aloud in the street, she raises her voice in the public squares (1:20)

    Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you. (4:6)

    On the heights along the way, where the paths meet, she takes her stand; beside the gates leading into the city, at the entrances, she cries aloud (8:2,3)

    Say to wisdom, "You are my sister," and call understanding your kinsman (7:4)

    Wisdom has built her house; she has hewn out its seven pillars. (9:1)

    ch 12: Moments later, he told Peter to put away his sword, thus showing that the source of Jesus' confidence lay, not in earthly weapons, but in Jehovah.

    Another example of the WT$ twisting scripture to suit their purposes. The verse has nothing to do with Jesus' view of "earthly weapons". It was Jesus' entire earthly purpose to go with the mob that confronted him. This was his destiny and the fulfillment of prophecy. Of course he would not allow Peter to prevent it.

    Did Jesus 'lack confidence in Jehovah' when he told his disciples to carry a sword?

    He said to them, "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one. (Lk 22:36)

    ch 14: Today, God has not given Christians the power to perform such miracles.

    Where is the bible verse to support this claim? The WT$ did not include a scriptural reference. Perhaps because there is no verse to support the claim. I see this as the WT$ justifying their inability to exorcise the "demonz" that seem to plague so many of the dubbies.....

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