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  • Thunderinus

    WT=watchtrouble I was wondering at first but then realised it was a joke. I didn't read the whole of the COC book but only parts of it on the internet some while ago. It surely shows that the GB's divine direction is a joke but it is nice that at least one member of the GB had a conscience crisis about the unscrupulous methods used at HQ.

    Grace I think having the internet helps a lot in searching out the truth about the JWs but your experience shows how rotten this religion is, expelling someone for disagreeing on what is a minor issue (but at least it got you out of the antichrist cult) and even one that no one has to accept as valid since it refers to alleged events in heaven that can't be verified in any way unlike events on earth. What the JWs were expecting in 1914 was the manifest coming of Jesus, the invisible one had occurred supposedly in 1878, to end all human government on earth yet it continues just the same to this day.

    The Oracle, there are many JWs that know this can not be the truth by any stretch of the imagination but choose to remain there because to them the JWs is like a club to socialise in and have a sense of identity and they also say: all religions have serious faults so I might as well stay here.

    Iceguy, I measured the pyramids and when the damned measurements didn't suit me I changed them (totally arbitrarily) to bring them in agreement with my purpose.

    Flipper and cantleave thanks for the welcome, if Flipper flips away the obstacles then cantleave will be able to change his username to canleave.

    Homer, someone will be sitting in the temple of God like a god and seeking to act like one.

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    Hey Thunder,

    (may I call you Thunder?) Great to have you here!

    I get titillated to no end when I see more intelligent and insightful people leave the JW religion and being reaching out to others!

    Once again - welcome aboard!! You will have some fun here.

    The Oracle

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    I especially liked this comment by Thunderinus :

    A handful of people who claim that they have a monopoly of divine revelation, that no one has the right to criticize their ideas or claim having received any revelation or inspiration but who themselves can never get anything right since they are for ever changing their doctrines.

    It says well of the opportunistic role playing or power playing of the leadership of the WTS., highlighted by one of the most power getting egotistical

    personalities such as Da Judge Rutherford. Well he wasn't really a judge but he felt it gave him more prominence and prestige among his peers.

    How powerful he must have felt when he drove away in his Cadillac with his indentured minions by his side answering to his every whim,

    protecting him with clubs and canes to beat any opposer that confronted him.

    You got to hand it to them though what great self marketing skills.

  • independent_tre

    great post, I think you covered many many reasons why thinking people become disillusioned, leave, and eventual come to see it not just as a religion with some faults, but as a controlling cult.

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