what is the best state in the usa to live in / visit?

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  • highdose

    am thinking of doing some globe trotting soon, would like some insider info/ opinions please

  • leavingwt

    If you'll tell us what your interests are, we can tell you.

    If city life is what you like, NYC is wonderful in May and September.

  • blondie

    I love it in the western US and Canadian mountains.

  • leavingwt
  • Outaservice

    Georgia of course. Second, Michigan


  • greenhornet

    Washington State. Hands down. Never very hot never very cold. We got desert the ocean mountains you name it. Even Volcanoes!

    Earth quakes! Rain forest. Glaciers. Hot springs. Orca whales. I almost forgot the rain. Starts in Oct. and ends about in april or May.

  • Awen

    I would say anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. I myself lived in Portland, Oregon for a time and absolutely loved it, but my family lives here in South Carolina and I missed them so I moved back. But you can see Mt. Hood from almost anywhere in Portland, it's a bicycling city, very open-minded, plenty of coffee shops, lots of commerce, it's public transportation system has higher ratings than NYC and Boston. They do however have Blue-Laws in effect, meaning everything shuts down at 5pm and I mean everything. Never quite understood that. Gets mostly rain, some snow. You can drive 50 miles to Astoria and see the ocean and surf or drive 50 miles the other way and ski on Mt Hood. Kindergarten Cop and The Goonies were both filmed in Astoria, great lil community.

    Washington State is great, stay away from Seattle, perhaps try Olympia. Right across the border is Bristich Columbia. Whistler is right there for all you mountain biking enthusiasts, they hold big get togethers for that very thing. B.C. is called the Sunshine Coast. It has very temparent weather, usually mid 70's in the Summer and 50's F in the Winter.

  • JWoods


    However, I am becoming more and more impressed with Colorado since we bought that cabin outside Estes Park.

  • AdaMakawee

    Awen, how long ago did you leave? I live in Portland now. Haven't noticed that everything closes early, I've been downtown much later than that lots of times, in fact the music scene here goes all hours. Love it in Oregon and Washington and BC, northern California is great too but I think once you get south of San Francisco its not so much about scenery and more about urban living or suburban living.

    West coast of the US and Canada is amazing.


  • bigwilly

    <-- Portlander

    Awen pretty much nailed it

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