end of the month... time for my REPORT FROM APOSTATE SERVICE ...

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  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Ok, I dont know who is a secretary on this site, so I will post it just here...

    apostate: Albert Einstein, month: OCTOBER 2009

    Studies: 2 (son and wife) son (7 years) is making great progress, recently he came to me with a question: "Daddy are JW a cult?" Yesterday he came to me with a question: "Daddy, so there will be no Armageddon?" I told him: "Sonny, you can be 100% sure if there is loving God above us, he will never be throwing burning stones on people as it is pictured in mummies WT... (He was really relieved)

    Books: 1 I placed Crisis of Conscience with my wife. For several weeks I was raising her curiosity, than gave it to her, she really read it, I saw she felt guilty then, her conclusion: its interesting, butRay Franz is not humble.....

    Sorry I didn place any subscriptions and magazines this month, I will work on that next month...

    Iam very sorry for being late with my report, I believe you will be able to include it in to the Worldwide apostate report for our Worlds headqauters in Hell.


    And how is your report for past month?

  • cantleave

    butRay Franz is not humble.....

    For humble read "Brainwashed"

  • chickpea

    great work ... your dedication to the ministry is showing!

    i have hours to report too!!
    maybe a communal thread
    so as not to hijack your "good news"

  • wobble

    I think for Ray to admit that he was WRONG for all those years takes a great deal of humility, maybe that is what your Wife is struggling with herself.

    Ray is very humble, and so are nearly all who have left, because we have had to make the same admission, " I have been SO stupid for so long."

    Good Report, Alberto, you can now look forward to more privileges coming your way !



  • jookbeard

    that's a very good idea, I could count the countless hours "witnessing" about the lies of the WTS to my close friends and family, and the giving of research material to them, a very good friend who was my first ex JW contact when I faded lent and gave me countless apostate material including many back issues of Bethel Ministries and Comments from the Friends, which were invaluable in the pre Internet age, he could have made a very impressive F/S report the C/O would have been impressed

  • tjlibre

    R. Franz not humble? Nothing can be further from the truth. He needed to establish his credentials in order to capture the attention of a reluctant JW reading his book. You know how JW operate, the higher your position in the Org the more credibility you have. Notice how Don Cameron had to subtitle his Captives of a Concept book - Don Cameron “Former Member of a Body of Elders of Jehovah’s Witnesses”- This is sort of saying, I was an insider so I have the credentials to write about the JW.

  • QuestioningEverything

    Can I count my time if I was anti-witnessing to a co-worker? Or is it just for anti-witnessing to a JW?

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    QE: YES you can.

    As stated in our publication "ORGANIZED TO ACOMPLISH OUR APOSTASY" you can count time anti-witnesing to anybody. Exception is discussing anti JW subjects with persons, who were already DF od DA. These individuals already are apostates and therefore there is no need to anti-witness to them.

    As it was stated recently in Questions of apostate readers in Our Apostate Ministry, you can even count time spent traveling to give anti witness. But it is necessary before traveling to visit Meeting before apostate service.

    Clear enough?

    If you have more questions, call me.


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    1 Book: COC in PDF format purchased from commentarypress.com. Home of the ever-so-arrogant Ray Franz.

    Placed with my wife. She was struck by Ray's lack of bitterness and...................(wait for it)......................HUMILITY!

    All a question of perception I suppose.


  • deep-blue-sea

    Hi Albert, can I report the time spent in apostafest?


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