Diary of a fornicaterin' slow fade...kinda long

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  • Goshawk

    I'm green oh so green because of you Tiffany.


    (wannabe published writer class)

  • Open mind
    Open mind
    I walked aimlessly around the corridors at the district conventions hoping to be noticed by someone who wasn't too gross.

    So sad, but so true, especially for female JWs.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    All the best to your and yours living the "real life", here and now.


  • garyneal

    That's exactly what I have in mind for my zealous JW daughter.

    When the meltdown comes - as surely it will - I'll be there to help her gel.

    I think my wife is 'in love' with the whole thing because she sees her mom being a very successful pioneer TM and her dad even has the title of ministerial servant TM . Of course her mom hasn't worked and has been on disability for 20 or so years and her dad, well, he seems a little 'weaker' in the faith because he tends to put his 'worldly job' (and since being laid off, his current 'worldly education') ahead of attending all of the meetings. After all, he turned down the position for elder.

    My wife's congo seems a little more liberal than what I am seeing coming from the experiences shown here. The elder who she has been having her studies with actually has a college degree in pharmacy. Granted, he got it before he became a witness. Also, one of the ministerial servants TM in the congo has a 'worldly wife.'

    But then again, there may be more than what they are showing us since I am still the 'worldly spouse' and she is still an unbaptized publisher TM .

  • jesussaves

    Finally-Free, you most definitely have a story!!! Thank y'all for the words of encouragement. That must've been a freudian slip with the initials of BS for Brethren of the Sacrifice. LOL! It was not done purposely, but it's funny all the same.

    Goshawk - the publishing process is long, slow and painful...kinda like a slow fade :)

  • jesussaves

    *bump :)

  • dinah

    Jesus, you're story mirrors most of Dub females stories who didn't have a elder for a father. If you had an "Elder Daddy" the sun rises in your asshole. If not, FU. That was the impression I got.

    Just can't believe you found a guy in the congregation who remotely do-able.

  • jesussaves

    LOL, Dinah! "Remotely do-able"! They were few and far between, I tell you. I look back now, and they were sooooo not worthy! I honestly didn't realize I was a hot girl until I stopped dealing with JW dudes.

  • sooner7nc

    Big thumbs up Tiff. I'm also green with envy. You go girl!

  • GLTirebiter

    Tiffany, that sample of your book is great! Thank you for letting us see it. I hope it sells well this coming Spring.

  • finding my way
    finding my way

    thanks for sharing :0) I'll check it out

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