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  • CandleSurgeon

    I got this message on youtube and I am trying to think of the best way to respond to this person to possibly help them. Any suggestions?

    Absoulutly sensational .. You traded in eternal life for the pleasure of carving a pumpkin in late October. Live csapostate!, live like theirs no tomorrow
    happy Halloween :)

    you have become a sensationalist like newagegamer

    remember the thrills of satans world are limited soon you will need drugs and alcohol to get the same high

    how do i know?

    been there done that I aint a jehovahs wittness but sense I stoped going to meetings 15 years ago I have been an empty shell of a man , welcome to freedom" my friend.

    happy holidays~

  • Priest73

    Just ignore him dude. living well is the best answer!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Ask him why he hasn't gone back and filled his shell again.


  • CandleSurgeon

    How many people, many of them here, spent a decade or more after leaving still believing it was "the truth." I don't do my youtube video's because I get off on hearing my own voice. I don't know this guys whole story, maybe he is a douch, or maybe he is still suffering from his experience and has never been able to move on. Never been able to accept that it's all a lie.

    Perhaps he/she isn't worth the trouble, but on the off chance that he/she is I would like to give it a shot.

  • AllTimeJeff

    At times I fail at this, but is it necesarry to take him seriously? He's a former JW who hates Halloween. He is a marginalized member of society.

    If it were me and I had to say something, I would simply tell him that I couldn't care less of what he thinks. And that he is wrong, because of course, he is.

    Sadly, I am learning all the time that the world is full of idiots, and that group may at times include me. We don't have to humor every person from the peanut gallery who wishes to add their Solomon like "wisdom". Frankly, to me, I read in that an attempt to upset you, not to engage you. Thus, my feelings are to ignore him.

  • musky

    That's great that you are looking for a way to help this person.It seems to me that a comment stating that carving pumpkins leads to drug abuse is completely irrational.This person needs to get their own business in order first before they judge others.

  • crazyblondeb

    invite him to one of our werewolf games!

  • jamiebowers

    Phin, you are so sweet to care so much. Thanks for the phone call; it really made my day!
    And I agree with you. The "empty shell of a man" concerns me too. Here is how I would respond:

    Dear Friend,

    The fact that you believe carving a Halloween pumpkin would cost me everlasting life and that very soon I'll be in pursuit of even greater thrills such as drugs and alcohol is startling and somewhat sad. Yes, Halloween has pagan origins, but so do a lot of other things. Even Jehovah's Witnesses make use of some practices with the same background such as wedding customs. But since the governing body of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society deems white gowns and the exchange of rings as permissible, suddenly the pagan origins of such aren't a concern to the rank and file.

    I do not intend for my You Tube videos to be sensational, but I do hope to capture the attention of people, like you and me, who have left the organization. After much research and study, I have learned that the Watchtower employs brainwashing. Many people, including yourself, have been victimized through the systematic use of thought control.

    Please tell me why you feel that you are an "empty shell of a man". If you truly believe that 15 years of not attending meetings is the reason, then why don't you return to the Kingdom Hall? If you feel that you cannot return, please tell me why this is so.

    I am sorry you feel that your life is so empty. I am concerned that you are what I once was; alone without support and lacking evidence that most people who leave the cult of the Watchtower go on to live fulfilling, happy lives. With a little help and guidance, you too can recover.

    Please tell me what I can do to help you. Someone reached out to me once, and now I would like to do the same for you.

    Phin, let me know how it goes. I'll help any way I can. And btw, I love you. I couldn't be more proud of you.

  • nelly136

    aww bless, hit report abuse button.

  • bohm

    that is a very loving answer indeed jamie...

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