Lost but now found : This site and update on life

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  • joe134cd
    Did you see the cricket last night. What a game
  • Louise

    Desirous of Change - Yes I am Loubelle :) The nut from SA. I wanted to change my name but I can't now.

    To my fellow SA's - the cricket was nail biting. Man o man, how I wanted that 6 to actually be a catch! shheeeez

    AS for the rugby - you know I'm a Sharks supporter all the way - was at the game last week with that hellofa lighting - was AWESOME - was in a box so remained dry and drank a Hansa beer!

    As for the DUBS - well all I can say is tough. It doesn't even pull at my heart strings. After 10 years, that natural affection has died off I'm afraid - out of sight out of mind. Yeah I may sound very hard / harsh, but it's the truth.

    And fellow SA's where are you guys - we need to get ourselves into gear and meet up or something. I'm in Durbs. So if any of you are around - drop me a mail - I have a pirate birthday coming up and you are more than welcome to pull in : [email protected]

  • Slave4_38y
    Seems that you have some issues to resolve Afrikanman.

    I got problems down this way cos the missus is from Louise's city and is an ardent Sharky! And all the family are in Durban North n'all !

    We gotta back NZ for the cricket now ! I mean I have my principles !
    Where you Slave? City of Roses ??

    Becoming Stormers supporter is easy........Just remove your 2 top front teef ! Duidelik my bru !


  • Slave4_38y

    Ha ha ha Afrikanman! I'm living in Gauteng amidst all the Bulls. I have nothing against the Blue Bull team . . . but their supporters leaves a lot to be desired. By the way, you guys are looking good on top of the super 15 log!

  • milola

    So weird. I was just wondering about you today. Glad you are doing well.

  • DJS

    Geez Louise,

    Welcome back. Glad you found us after being lost. That's amazing, Grace.

    I'm sorry about your Dub family, but I'm glad you are doing great. Two 'thumbs up'. Well maybe one and a half thumbs up until you heal.

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