Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 11-01-09 WT Study (ATTITUDE)

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  • AllTimeJeff

    I want to comment on the illustration.

    A weak persons faith, which we are asked to put up with, is akin to catching Peter who tried to walk on water to meet Jesus.

    *shakes head* Another dumb illustration for misled cult members. They would like us to believe that putting up with a person's individual personality while they are assimilating into the borg is akin to saving their life.

    Nothing cultish about that behavior. And hey, thats GREAT artwork. (sarcasm implied)

  • sir82

    Articles like this always make me sad.

    I think, "How nice it would be if JWs really did try to imitate Christ's kindness, compassion, etc." and then am saddened when I see that real-life does not match up to theis expectation - JWs are just as petty, spiteful, ambitious, rude, and selfish as any other random sample of people out there.

    Of course, we all know this article is merely lip-service. As Blondie points out in her conclusion, the real point comes next week, yet another "obey or die" sledgehammer.

  • AllTimeJeff
    Par 14: More important, from an early age, children who receive such genuine concern in the congregation learn that Jehovah's spirit is upon his people.

    Do they even realize what they are saying? If a child through abuse and/or neglect does not receive this concern, it is clear to these kids (and many who know better) that Jehovah's spirit is not with this group of people.

    So the GB will have you believe that the "spirit" is there, but instead of this "spirit" motivating you to be Christlike and (gulp) give attention to little ones, you have to be told through the WT.

    And if no interest is shown, can a child be blamed upon growing up to believe that there is none of "gods spirit" with Jehovah's Witnesses?

    Talk about setting the bar too high for your own people. Another demonstration of idiodicy in the Watchtower.

  • Georgiegirl

    @ ATJ - I think another HUGE issue is that these kids will internalize the lack of concern into believing THEY are wrong and bad and not worthy of love. And thus another generation of emotionally damaged kids grows up...trying desperately to "Do MORE" to prove they are worthy. And the cycle continues...

  • AllTimeJeff


    Yup, yet another example of the GB talking, using all of their orifices... What they do to kids is a crime, or should be.

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