Wife off to singing practice tonight – will the new songbook be any better?

by eyeslice 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • BluesBrother

    Song 61

    "How can I repay you what gift can I give?

    To thank you Jehovah for the life that I live

    I look in my heart with your word as my mirror

    The person I see,may you help me see clearer.


    My life I have promised in service to you

    But not from mere duty will I do what I do

    Wholesouled and wholehearted I serve you by choice

    May I be one more who makes you rejoice"

    Hmmm. ..............

    PS Sister Blues has not spoken of any practices for the songs. I think it is a local arrangement if they do it. And like Eyeslice, I really envy the churches with gospel choirs. I now love old American gospel - like from '40's to 60's ..

  • Magwitch

    There was always one sister who thought her calling was to be an opera singer and instead ended up a JW. She sits in the front and shreaks out every song. No matter what hall I visited there was always one. Never once could she sing. I doubt new songs nor new singing sessions will improve the situation.

  • wantingtruth

    Mr eyeslice , invite Mrs Eyeslice to listen to a song

    enjoy it together

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