Who left the Borg in 2007

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  • WT=watchtrouble

    Just curious to see who else left in the same year as me. And how are things for you now.

    It has been 2 1/2 years since I left and damn time has gone fast. I now have heaps of fun. Have real friends. And damn it life is so freakn good LOL.

  • finallysomepride

    I left in 2002, that was my last meeting attendance, I have left in my heart just have not told anyone, just move country to do it, now live in queensland. Reason I posted was that you show as being in Queensland too, I'm in Redcliffe.

  • chickpea

    the official act of apostacy and therefore
    my complete and irreversible awakening
    is chronicled by my start date here at JWN...

    prior to that it had been a couple, maybe 3,
    years of paralyzed confusion, where
    i believed my intention was to find that
    "love i first had" for the b0rg and its god...
    (yeah, in that order)

  • wantstoleave

    I would say mentally I had left in 2007, but am still in the 'fade' right now.

  • the real life
    the real life

    I left in 2007. I was just trying to figure that out, in fact, because I wasn't sure how long I'd been out. Since yesterday was Halloween, I counted the Halloweens I could remember where friends of mine had parties, etc., which took me back to 2007.

    Life has been really good ever since. Lots of ups and downs, of course, since leaving involves huge life changes. But my goal was to "become who I really am" Nietzsche-style (Embrace life. Become fully human by stretching yourself to become all you were meant to be. Make a difference in the world. It is life affirmation, not stale analysis of it, that gives it meaning.)

    I've been able to experience things I always wanted to experience (living abroad, working on my music, learning more about myself and others, finding a career path that works well with my skills and lifestyle, etc.)

    I'm grateful for the opportunities I've had and I am excited for anyone who leaves and opens themselves up to all the possibilities that come with really living.

  • misguided

    I left around 1999, df'd in 2002. Halloween was the first holiday my kids and I celebrated after leaving. This year was the first year it felt "normal." No guilt, just good, fantastic fun. My 18 year old daughter said to me last night, " isn't this way better, participating in halloween rather than hiding in the dark house watching TV?" Yup...way better. (I was Ahkmed the dead terrorist)

  • besty

    Sweet pea and I were DF'd in Aug 2007 - life is great thanks - we even get to celebrate Halloween American-style :-))))

  • whoknows

    My husband and I attended our last meeting in June 2007. We had little or no contact with JWs in the last two years and refused to discuss our reasons for leaving with most who asked. We were df'd July this year for apostasy.

    Life is good, and getting better. I will have my first Christmas tree this year in 42 years. Can't wait!

  • MissingLink

    Faded completely in 2007. Things are now almost normal with a whole new set of friends. Only occasionally dealing with JW issues from parents.

  • boyzone


    I DA'd in 2007, found the shunning hard to cope with but life is GREAT now! Love my job, my friends, my family. Yep, BEST decision I ever made.

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