Our first Halloween

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  • darthfader

    Mrs Fader and I went over to a friends house to hand out candy. We only lightly prepared for the occasion, with just a few cool clothing items like funky hats and shirts, but we bought LOTS of candy. We initially expected only a few kids and we would be left with a bunch of late night snacks, but we were "cleaned out". It was a wonderfull night, we saw some of the best outfits on the little tikes, and some kinda creepy ones on the larger kids. Everyone was nice, it seemed that almost everyone was accompanied by parents or some adults. I think it was very good seeing a neighborhood interact in such a pleasant way. We had our grandaughter with us and Mrs Fader took her to a few houses for some "Treats". I have to say that halloween has been puounded into our heads as a Satanic holiday - but all I saw were good people having fun and exchanging candy and a few laughs.

    Darth Fader

  • wantstoleave

    Good to hear Darthfader! It was halloween here last night, but no trick or treaters came down our street. It's not really a big thing here in Australia. Is getting that way though. I had been invited to a party, but he didn't send me the details til the last minute and the kids were already in bed, so I couldn't go...lol. Maybe next year :)

  • blondie

    We had 50 munchkins drop by. It is a way to get to know the neighbors. I can remember one jw who handed out old magazines. She deserved to get her house egged.

    No pics but hubbie went to work like this:

  • lisavegas420

    Since you started the thread, and most threads are better with pictures....I'm going to blatantly brag and show off my grandchildren.


  • jamiebowers
    I have to say that halloween has been puounded into our heads as a Satanic holiday - but all I saw were good people having fun and exchanging candy and a few laughs.

    It's been my experience that that's how it is in most neighborhoods across the country. We had more than 200 kids at our house during the first 15 minutes of trick or treat night. I lost count after that, but there was a steady stream for the next hour or so.

  • mrsjones5

    I took my three boys out trick-or-treating (my daughter was playing a ghoul in a coffin at a mini scarefest at a friend's house around the corner) and boy did we have a lot of fun! A couple of houses stood out with multiple ghouls, scary clowns, tombstones, and coffins. My two younger boys thought it was cool but my oldest had a problem with the scary clown. It was great seeing neighbors out with their kids and reminded my of when we were in Indiana and how Halloween was/is a great neighborhood holiday. We did pass a "jw" house, the folks who live there know my parents and are studying. The front porch light was off but I could see lights on in the back of the house. We used to do that when I was a child.

  • jeanniebeanz

    We had a blast last evening... not too many trick-or-treaters though since a water main at the end of our street had broken earlier in the day, and the first part of the street was covered in mud... not many dared to brave the mud to get to our place, but the 60 or so that made it came away with extra candy.

    I put out my webbing full of spiders, some skelletons, lighted jack-o-lanterns, vines, a couple glowing tombstones with bones sticking out of the ground and multi-color glowing skulls and of course this awesome purple floating ghost with a motion sensor that would begin to dance and giggle as the they approached the door, then, when the knock came, it triggered a couple great fuzzy black spiders that hung up above the door (sound activated), to descend on the hapless candy seekers.

    Ah... the squeals... then... just when they thought they were safe, we'd open the door, and my son, dressed as the grim reaper would extend a clawed hand toward them, holding a caulderon of candy. I watched from the front window, and if any little munchkins were in the group, I'd open the door before they got to the point they'd trigger the spiders, and offer candy as a fairy princess... It was so much fun.

    I love Halloween.


  • oompa

    i too lost my halloween virginity last night!....but i went all out to party, self made costume...put it on and showed it to jw wife before i left....partied with df son and friends.........life is fun again!.........oompa

  • Quandry

    We put up orange lights around the door, had a jack-o-lantern (plastic) with a light inside, and three ghosts with lights inside hanging next to the front door.

    We had several trick or treaters, and after awhile went outside to "drum up business" if no one came for a period of time.

    One tiny little toddler boy dressed as a fireman just walked right into our house. His folks were calling him back. He walked around the living room and came back as we were all laughing. So cute!

  • rebel8


    I think there should be more costume parties throughout the year, it's so fun.

    I actually think there are some benefits to Halloween. It gives kids a chance to learn more social skills, saying thanks, not being greedy, etc.

    I happen to think the parody of death--mocking it--is a way of coping with the inevitable. Lots of cultures seem to have similar festivals that are ghoulish. Probably a sociologist has written about this.

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