Living With Regret - what do YOU regret about being in the org?

by babygirl30 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • babygirl30

    1. Getting baptized at 14 and not knowing WHAT the heck I was 'signing' up for

    2. Dating worthless, lazy, no work ethic, SELFISH 'brothers' who were supposedly approved all because they were baptized - but in the end - were a waste of my time and YOUNGER years in dating.

    3. Subjecting my bf (back in the day) who was a non-JW to the whole JW experience! I demanded that he study, I demanded that he change his religion in order to be with me, I made him sit with my parents and listened to them berate him (and myself) while they fed him all their haughty beliefs and requirements in order to date THEIR JW daughter. In the end, I chose the religion over him...all because I didn't want to lose my family.

    4. Confessing EVERYTHING to the elders and expecting them to be loving and compassionate instead of cruel and demeaning.

    5. LISTENING and believing that I needed to stay with my abusive JW fiance all because we're taught to 'let your yes mean yes - no no' and that I needed to be MORE in subjection and not provoke HIM into hurting me!

    6. Never taking the time to really get to know my non-JW family on a personal level...was always taught they were 'worldly' and so we as JWs should NOT associate with them. Of course NOW I do talk to them - regularly.

    7. Treating people that were DF'd like they didn't exist. Guess you never know WHAT it feels like until YOU'RE in their shoes - and now I know. But I feel bad that I ignored them in public or stopped talking to them AS IF I was better then digusting to even think about.

    8. NEVER questioning things....and accepting whatever I was told from the platform.

    9. Comming across as 'snotty' or standoffish to certain people because I refused to hang out with them or get to know them (scrips say bad association spoils useful habits). Instead I formed conditional 'friendships' with people who could've cared less about ME in the end

    10. Allowing my parents to use the religion to manipulate and control me

    11. Judging people and feeling I had the right to do so...I mean, I was a JW - we truly believed we were judge & jury!!!

    I can think of more, but they will come to me when I have a little peace in my area. Anyone else care to share what they regret?

  • truthseeker

    All the time spent in it

  • tryingtoexit

    babygirl I swear I can identify with ALL of those, except switch the roles because I'm a guy but well said

    I dont have much time, but here's one I regret, I wouldve never sat out of class all those years in elementary, and I wouldve ate every birthday cupcake I laid eyes on, and I wouldve never had 3 bible studies at the age of 7, lol.

  • highdose

    i try not to think about my time there with regret, it would only make me depressed. Theres nothing that can change history, whats done is done. All that matters is now and what you do with your life now, you now have a chance to have a amazing life, if you seize that chance or not is up to you...

  • Charlie Cheddar
    Charlie Cheddar

    What do i regret?

    Everything. I second your experiences and observations also, but the worst regret of all is loosing ten years of my life to that horrible cult.

    Studying at 22, baptised at 25, left at 32.

    My precious & youthful twenties wasted, gone, cannot get back, gone forever.


  • dogisgod

    I hear y'all. I regret all those years I lost to them. Not dating. Not having a childhood. But I'm pretty happy now. Now that my mom has died I don't hear anything about it . Just move on as best you can and it gets better.

  • Legolas

    Absolutely everything

  • Casper

    Goodness, Babygirl... I'm so sorry you had to endure all of that

    I wasn't born in, so during my 13 years of "imprisonment"... I regret subjecting my 2 daughters to the strict JW routine.

    We are all out now, and for that I am grateful.


  • Joshnaz

    There's alot that I regret. 20 years of my life was waisted because of the Borg. (and thats small compaired to most people here) I really want to count my losses and move on with my life. There is so much I missed out on that I would not even be able to begin. All I can do is raise my son without the cult lifestyle and see how he turns out to get a limps of the life I could of had.

  • metatron

    Not getting a fully certified, degreed education. I'm not saying this simply because I hate what the Watchtower says about college. I'm saying it because I can't count how many jobs went by simply because I didn't have the minimum education.

    These old men are wrecking the lives of young people to maintain their heartless cult,


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