A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. From the Nov 1 WT

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  • Half a Person
    Half a Person

    What a horrible article.

    While the _intention_ of the article wasn't to keep people stupid*, that certainly will be part of the effect. "Keep them stupid* so that they don't realise that half of what we say is absolute rubbish."

    If the society was a food production company, they would churn out tonnes and tonnes of fast food every year, and their marketing campaign would discourage customers from reading any sort of nutritional advice. Their tagline would read: "No need to think - just eat! Because *we* know what's best for you!!"

    * Maybe "ignorant" is a better word than "stupid"

  • flipper

    LIFE IS TOO SHORT- I had an experience I posted about a couple months ago about re-connecting with a former JW elder friend on the phone. I told him I was concerned that the WT socities view of the term " generation " had changed again. When I told him I read the definition in the dictionary that a generation is by definition a period of " 30 to 40 years " he freaked out and asked " Where did you read that definition ? In a worldly dictionary ? " I said, " Dude- it's a dictionary , a DICTIONARY ! "

    But it goes to show how witnesses are scared to death of ANY OUTSIDE information supplied to them at all if it doesn't come straight from the WT society . Paranoid freaks

  • independent_tre

    This is really pathetic on the part of the WTS. What's so hypocritical about it is the fact that the WTS encourages learing a different language when it serves their purpose. Members are constantly encouraged to learn another language, especially Spanish in my area, so they can serve where the need is great.

    Anyone remember just a few years back they came out with a booklet, ( cant remember the name) that had the same message translated into 60 or so different languages. Then if you came across anyone out in field service, and didn't speak their language, they could read the message or you can mention a few phrases in their native language. I guess a "little knowledge" in that case is perfectly acceptable.

    You're right, Life is to short, this article is terrible and I guess they are back on the 'keep 'em stupid' routine; when they are not discouraging college or outside research, it seems the mode is to attack any other type of 'knowledge' they cannot control.

    #1 lesson from JW's: If someone implies you are better off knowing less, and that learning more will harm you, move on. They have a lot to hide.


  • jamiebowers
    Former WT-president F.W.Franz had a little knowledge in those languages, hadn't he?

    That's the first thing I thought too. Freddie's limited knowledge of Greek lead to him being humiliated in court.

  • quietlyleaving

    I guess they don't want JWs developing more grey cells than they can cope with and they most definitely don't want discussions on the meaning of Greek words.

  • DrJohnStMark

    "Do you need to learn science?" could be the topic of the next WT...

  • wobble

    After that Dr.John, comes the article "Why open your Bible ? The GB will tell you what to believe, we speak for Jesus ! "



  • nelly136

    i know the direction is to avoid distracting yourself by learning greek or hebrew to read the bible in its proper form. And i can totally understand why they'd want to discourage that.

    but everytime i come back to this thread i've got the medical paragraph jumping up and down in my face.

    ***You would need so much more knowledge before you could arrive at the correct diagnosis.***

    coming from a book publishing company that provides an HLC in order to direct doctors to do their job properly i think thats pretty skanky

  • WTWizard

    A little knowledge could make one realize that the Not Well Translated version is not accurate and was intentionally tampered with. Especially when the changes are so blatant that it only takes a little knowledge.

  • snowbird
    Dear WT Scribes ... I know you're out there. I know you read what is posted here on this site.

    You tell them, Shelby!


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