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  • OnTheWayOut

    You've already been told that the "inactive" status is just about not turning in field circus time for 6 months in a row.
    One could actually stay "irregular" and avoid "inactive" by turning in one-hour every 6 months.
    That won't keep elders off your back, though.

    The single-most important thing to the elders is that everyone turns in a slip every month with some time on it.
    After money issues for WTS, the single-most important thing to the C.O. is that the elders put pressure on everyone to stay "regular" in field circus. Secondary to everyone staying regular is meeting attendance and improvement of those numbers they turn in (hours, studies, placements, RV's, pioneers, publishers).

  • blondie

    *** km 10/82 p. 1 par. 3 Keep the Word of Jehovah Moving Speedily ***Others have permitted six months or more to go by without talking to others about the truth, thus becoming inactive.

    *** km 3/78 p. 3 Announcements ***For consideration at elders’ meeting: Can some help be given to any who have become inactive during last two years, or even those who have not reported two months out of the last six? What help do they need? Who might best give them assistance?

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