I misss it waaaaaaa

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  • 1914BS



    I'm gonna miss it (sniff)

  • AllTimeJeff
  • AllTimeJeff
  • AllTimeJeff

    Oops. That was my cat. Sorry bout that....

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Don't miss anything about it. Don't miss any of the people, any of the "friends" who turned their back on me. Nothing.

    Quite the opposite. I can't tell you how many weekday evenings I've thought how glad I am I don't have to go to some dumb ass boring meeting. I can't tell you how many Saturday mornings and Sunday mornings I've actually slept and relaxed instead of doing pointless busy work.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I think "missing it" went away before I even finished getting away from it.

    I cannot empathize with you on this, sorry. But I do feel that you can find something to replace it.

    Feel free to set up midweek study and weekend study or whatever ritual will help you replace it.

    You could go to the library or the coffeeshop every Sunday with a book and stay 2 hours in your "meeting clothes" in order to keep the feeling, then repeat it on Thursday eve (or whichever eve you used to go, mine was Wednesday). Or if you need an actual meeting, find a church or a Secular Humanist group or some kind of group that meets (AA, meetup) You can drive to some area every summer and stay in a hotel for 3 days and eat in restaurants in your meeting clothes, you can even get a nametag.

    The point- I really don't miss it and find it hard to take your comments seriously. So LOL at your joke.

  • leavingwt
  • God_Delusion

    Miss meetings? You're having a laugh!

  • highdose

    is it just me or does that boy in the middle look like hes in a trance?!

  • Gordy

    Looking at that picture I just thought.

    I used dash home from work get washed and put a suit on.

    Just to sit in someones room for an hour

    Giving answers to questions that already had the answers in the book.

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