What are your feelings about War?

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  • jookbeard

    what about all the young babies/children that Jerkhoobah has in his destructive target,TBH AE I know better then Jerkhoobah and probably do 99% of people on this forum do, the killing of young babies/children sucks

  • isaacaustin
  • jookbeard

    isaac your posts aint appearing

  • mouthy

    I dont want to live in a world with dirty rapists, perverts, sick evil people .

    Well Angeleyes!!! What are you doing on here????Because that is what we all are
    on here in the eyes of YOUR ORGANIZATION>>>& there is some of them
    in your Organization also Go to SILENT LAMBS,
    Your living here & VERY OFTEN POSTING tripe.Your time that you are counting
    must be really going up .....Lazy Bum!!! sitting at the computor counting time
    Hey go out like my FAITHFUL JW daughter with her crippled leg. GO WALK, KNOCK
    on doors. ADVERTIZE ADVERTIZE ADVERTIZE like "Mother "told you to do....

  • carla

    I dont want to live in a world with dirty rapists, perverts, sick evil people-- Maybe you just need to leave the kh for good then.

  • PSacramento

    I too do not want to live in a world of rapists and perverts and sick people.

    Yet I do understand that why the law can condem those people, only Jesus will judge them in the spiritual sense.

    I don't venture to think what can drive someone to be a rapist or a pedaphile or a murderer, I have no idea the horrid scare someone carries with them to become like that or if perhaps they were born liek that, I just don't know.

    God does and he will decide through his son Jesus.

    Is there true evil in this world? Yes, I've seen it and that evil is the complete absence of God, ie: the absence of Love.

    I don't know what Our Father has in store for US or for THEM, no one knows but God.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    What are your feelings about War?

    Not a bad band. I'm not really into the funk sound that they were about, but it's all right. "Low Rider" is a catchy little tune, and "Why Can't We Be Friends" is okay but gets wearisome after multiple listenings.

  • Gayle

    Everyone hates war! 99%? I am 'Amish' in my nature about this. I was a totally naive, idealistic JW for a long time. Unfortunately, just being nice doesn't make everyone nice.

    Most in the U.S. during WWII didn't want to get involved, but it was only the eventuality that the U.S. got hit and the U.S. got into a worldwide war, a super big mess by then, and then young boys are drafted and U.S. took a big horrible hit as most of the world.

    But unfortunately, there are Hitler-type men/groups. They won't stop their aggressive ugly ruling unless they are stopped at some point. Where the 'line' is drawn has many ugly, ugly errors. But if the 'line' isn't drawn, then these groups only continue. I would like it that we didn't need police. Unfortunately, we have to have police out and about otherwise, there are people who would create more havoc, crime lords, gangs, and serial killers or thieves that would rule with much more harm. If there isn't a military, terrible groups would grow and grow in control without restraint.

    Unfortunately, this isn't heaven.

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