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  • yknot

    Or building on Greenie's suggestion go dressed in solid color......with a set of 'ears' (cat, mouse, rabbit, dog, devil etc) that you add before while driving to the party, perhaps some eyeliner that can make quick noses and whiskers too.

    BE CAREFUL on the door knocking! Because of bad people most people don't trick/treat anymore D2D rather they attend a community or church organized event that has booths were the kids 'win' prizes that include candy!

    If you are bringing the kiddos, they are going to naturally want to share their fun with family so be discerning. If the party is before Oct 31, it can be called a costume party or you can claim you didn't know what was all entailed (which is true).

    Have fun and explore your own opinions!

  • feenx

    I also felt awkward the first time I really celebrated, dressing up and all. But again, it's because of what we've been programmed to think and feel about Halloween, which is not reality. Make it something of your own, rather than latching onto what the WTBS, or contrastily, what everyone else does. Personally for me Halloween is a large personal holiday, as my JC meeting where they DF'd me was on October 30. So I make it a point to really celebrate and bask in my freedom every year.

  • trebor

    My wife and I celebrated Halloween - including dressing up - for the first time last year and it was great. We had a blast and even cheered up a department of those that were feeling ill. You want to observe and believe there's more attached to that day, then you can certainly do that with Halloween as well as many other things, including other holidays/observances and items.

    We celebrated with our non-JW family as well as neighbors too. We greatly look forward in sharing this with our children (When we have them) including the great memories and fun times had together with friends and family.

    This is another wonderful thing and exciting time paving the way for Thanksgiving and Christmas as well. It is truely a joy and blessing to be free of the cult ran by the Watchtower Society.


  • Joshnaz

    I used to have "costume parties" in Oct. because it was the best time to find costumes. You could call it a costume party and it would be OK.

  • AdaMakawee

    Just to clarify what someone wrote, no pagan that I know "worships" the dead. There are so many lies and misconceptions about pagans because of what people are programmed into believing by churches including JWs. Nor do they worship the devil. A very minute sub-culture, called Satanists, believe in Satan. The rest don't even believe in him, he is a construct of Jewish/Christian theology.

    On Samhain, pagans believe that the veils are thin between the world we live in, and the spirit world, or the summerland. At that time, oftentimes you can feel closer to a deceased loved one, or some claim to talk to them, I've never known anyone who did, but I know there are those that do. There is no worship involved, but there is honor. Its kind of a combined holiday for pagans, half Pagan new year, because the circle of the year begins in the fall for us, and its half akin to Memorial Day although we are remembering all lost loved ones and ancestors and not just military.

    I'm only trying to communicate some of this to you all, not all of it is my own, but I nevertheless expect to be flamed.


  • jamiebowers
    yes, the elders know how he isn't supporting his children. They seem sympathetic to my situation, but powerless to do much else regards the ex.

    Yet the Bible clearly states that a brother who doesn't support his family is worse than a man without faith. But if you get remarried once your divorce is final without proof that he 's had sex with someone else, you'll be df'd so fast that your head will spin!

    If you have things in place to break away from your parents, do what you want. If not, get things together, so you're not reliant on them, and then do what you want. Halloween is fun, but it's not worth jeapordizing any help you may be getting from your parents until you're completely independen of them.

    As long as you rely on any jw, you won't be free to make your own decisions. Now, if the elders really followed the Bible, they would counsel your ex to pay child support and then df him if he failed to do so. But our independence isn't their goal, and following the Bible isn't their inclination.

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