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  • wantstoleave

    I live in a country where this isn't typically a big event, and only in recent years have more started doing the whole 'trick or treat' thing. However, I have been invited to a Halloween party. My first one ever. I've never participated in it before.

    Problem is this: I am still scared of my parents, they are a big part of my life, and know most of everything I do. If I go to this party, but have not yet distanced myself from the organisation, my parents will be on at me. Disappointed more the word and I have always been one of those devoted children who hate to disappoint their parents.

    What do I do?

  • Chalam

    Personally, halloween is not for me either.

    I prefer to celebrate good things, not go round like the walking dead like or something from a slasher movie.

    Is that the sort of stuff you want to open to door to for your kids latter in life?

    All the best,


  • yknot

    I too avoid disappointing my parents.

    If you wanna go, go.

    Consider it a research field trip.

  • yknot

    I was thinking..... is it Halloween you are wanting to celebrate or is it the social interaction under festive pretences that you desire?

    You are under a lot of stress right now..... and I think social interaction would be good to release some of the pressure but if the Halloween schtick is going to undermine your childcare and support system .....perhaps maybe considering meeting up with friends under a different scenario.

    I just want you to be able to get out this situation (non-supporting hubby) was quick and painless as possible.

    Have you brought up with your Elders that hubby isn't sending any support? They might become alias in your desires for divorce or at least put pressure on him via his new elders to send some cash.

  • dissed

    Maybe a bit too soon for a coming out?

    Halloween is a big event here in the USA, not so much in England where its claimed its actual origins.

    I was in Red Hill for Halloween before. Only two kids came to the door and the JW said, "off with you" and the kids politely said good nite. In Amercia they would have heaped insults at her. lol

  • greenie

    Can you call it something else for them? Does it have a theme? I've been to theme parties that weren't on Halloween, but no reason they couldn't have been. It's all your perception too, right? Your intention?

  • PSacramento

    Halloween is not something you celebrate, not unless you are some sort of Pagan, LOL !
    Halloween is a time for kids to dress up, have fun and get candy, period.

    To look at it in any other way makes no sense unless you are doing far more than that on halloween.

  • wantstoleave

    Thanks everyone :)

    Yknot, yes, the elders know how he isn't supporting his children. They seem sympathetic to my situation, but powerless to do much else regards the ex. I think you're partly right on the social interaction front. I also think too that part of me feels as if I've missed out on things, and kind of want to go 'all out' and start doing things...lol. I know, baby steps, baby steps :) That's where I think dissed has it right, too soon for coming out maybe.

    I get the feeling that this party at my friends house is just that. A party. Maybe people will dress up, I don't know. There will be other kids there, so maybe there will be some door knocking. Don't know the details yet.

  • greenie

    Well, as a compromise for yourself and the 'rents, maybe go but don't dress up. And you don't have to do the door knocking if you don't want.

  • QuestioningEverything

    I celebrated Halloween for the first time last year. I didn't look at it as an evil day or a day to worship the dead. I took it for what it was-a day where people dress up, have parties, are in a festive mood and kids go trick or treating. It was fun! My son (11 years) loved it. We are looking forward to celebrating it this year as we will be more prepared.

    I will admit, initially, I was a bit apprehensive about it. It was awkward at first. Then I realized that the WTBS is full of crap and all I had been taught by them was incorrect. I Knew I was NEVER going back to the KH or WTBS. I am agnostic now and have no qualms whatsoever about the holidays. But not all feel that way and I respect whatever people may believe

    I say go, have fun and enjoy it. Your kids will love it!!! And let us know how you all enjoyed it.

    Take Care,


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