Is it me or are kingdome halls butt ugly?

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  • bluecanary

    The past several kingdom halls I've beein in (in the US) were all decorated the same way. One wallpaper below the wainscoting. A clashing wallpaper above the wainscoting. A clashing color carpet. A completely different clashing coat of paint in the stage area. And of course, the chairs match none of it. It always bothered me that the KHs were SOOO ugly. Who was in charge of picking out that decorating scheme? It must have been someone high up because it's being copied in new and renovated halls throughout the country. It's funny how you're not able to complain about it until after you don't care anymore. I googled KHs and found an example of what I'm talking about on the walls:

  • moshe

    I have seen walls like that before in an , assisted living home for the elderly. KH's are easily recycled for other functions, which is good for the WT org when they need to sell them and raise money for their coffers.

  • Farkel

    :Is it me or are kingdome halls butt ugly?

    Nope. It isn't you. By the same token, the buildings constructed by the WTS at the Brooklyn headquarters are often criticized for their ugly, sterile look. More like prisons than business buildings.

    Oh, wait! They ARE prisons!


  • dissed

    I built many a KH in the RB program and can say I was never impressed with the looks. True you can't please everyone but.....

    Especially the outside landscaping. I go by my old KH because its on the man road here. It still has the same old dying looking schrubs in front. Looks terrible. How they keep them looking so bad has to be a miracle of sorts.

    For people who are so concerned with PR, it befuddles me.

    Two of note I liked be fair.

    1. An old adobe one on the Hopi Indian Reservation, with Hopi beamed poles in the ceiling.

    2. The Carnarvon(?) KH in Whales in the old city, very historic looking.

  • palmtree67

    Not really a k-Hall, but I've been twice to Stanley Theater ( I frickin' LOVE NYC!!!! ) and it's amazing.

    Disclaimer: Not actually built by JW's.

  • Joshnaz

    What do you expect? They build them in 24 hours, and they must design them even faster.

  • Joshnaz

    They forgot to put a door in this one. And a window would be nice.

  • dissed


    I love the food of NY. My big weakness, in the Big Apple

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I've never met u so I can't make a call as to whether or not, u are uglier than a KH

  • palmtree67

    Wha happened!!!!

    That's my "moment of zen" for the day!!!!!


    Best sushi I ever had was in Brooklyn.

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