Did any elders wait for you to make the wrong step so they can punish you?

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  • asilentone
  • Quandry

    They are waiting for my husband and me right now.......

  • dinah

    Let's just say they never had to wait long......................

  • stillin

    absolutely and most assuredly! They even use old mistakes now and then...whatever happened to old-fashioned forgiveness???

    Worse still, my wife, born-in, is in the same mind-set. I never know what she's going to tell them about me next. I keep reminding myself that she can't help it...it's all she's ever known.

    I really hope that whenever they really think they've got the goods on me, that it's not for any of the stupid things I have done, but rather something more meaningful. I mean, I sneak a good cigar once in a while, but I'd much rather be thrown out for any ONE of the DOZENS of doubts I have!

  • AdaMakawee

    Oh yea. Anyone that has been disfellowshipped can tell you, they watch you like a hawk when you come back. I had been out for quite a few years and went back, after marrying "worldly," did the elders meeting to fess up all of my sins. They chose not to df me at the time due to several factors, one being the coup it would be to convert my well known cop husband. Nevertheless I was always under scrutiny. Never invited to gatherings, look up during the meeting to see one of them watching me with that look on their face, you know the one, how long will it take her.

    My only complaint about it is that they didn't drive me out sooner.


  • WTWizard

    I would rather punish them--giving them extra work, confusing them whose turn it is to hound me, turning in several months' of field circus slips at once (separate slips, written in different color ink so they will think they might have been turned in and then missed), dogging field circus so they will look like s*** to the hounder-hounder, blowing off boasting sessions altogether, being inactive (also to make them look like s***), and refusing to answer any of their calls and letters. Then, they are going to look like s*** when it takes them several years to find my "sun-worship" lights (up all year, at that), my rap music, my posting on apostate sites, my Ouija board, and that I have books that would embarrass the religion.

    Hey, if the Holy Spirit was really with the hounders, they should have seen my Ouija board as soon as I got it. They should have seen my sun-worship decorations as soon as I got them. They would have known about my rap music when I started buying it. Yet, they have seen none of the above. Even my apostate postings have gone unnoticed. So much for "holy spirit" being with the witlesses--this is a good way to expose the lack of any guiding spirit among the hounders, and thus expose that they have no substance behind them. And, hopefully, even more people are going to look elsewhere for spiritual guidance.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    absolutely. It was a constant watchful eye just to "catch u" doing something

  • wobble

    I have sort of Faded, but I know that i have to be circumspect when dealing with Dubs that I meet, especially my own Uber-Dub family.

    I just know that everything goes back to the Elders, even bros who swore to me my thoughts to them were confidential,ratted on me,so I got the visit with the 2 heavies (Elders) one with the DF form ready in his pocket, I am slightly ashamed to say I was economical with the truth, but according to their own teaching they don't deserve the whole truth.

    I am aware that there is no time limit either, so even though I have not set foot in a K Hall for over 18 months, if I put a foot wrong they will still D.F me. I told a bro. the other day that all the unique doctrines of the J W's are WRONG, so if that gets back I am toast anyway, Ho Hum !



  • yknot

    Nope, I was judged and labeled quickly without charges of any wrongdoing, just the pretense that I was the type.

  • whatcanIsay


    all the unique doctrines of the J W's are WRONG

    That is so true! I think I will borrow this line, I am going to call it the Wobbleque :-) Unless someone can come up with a better name for this quote!

    The elders are watching everyone for wrong doings After all they need to make sure that the congregation is clean! so Yes I was under someone radar!

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