I'm the one who needs to "come to his senses" ?????

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  • Phizzy

    I was in conversation a few weeks back with a JW I have known for at least four decades. Most of it was catching up on family stuff, he has loads of kids, some have married and produced sprogs since I left. All news to me.

    I demolished a couple of his fatuous arguments, and then he decided to scuttle away, throwing this over his shoulder as he went :

    "You want to get your head right, and get back in quick!". I could not reply, but shook my head in dissent so that he could see.

    This concept, that we who have left have "lost our senses" and "need to get our head right" is fostered by the WT/JWorg in their writings, DFing is used "to return the errant one to his senses". Etc.

    Now this may have a small degree of truth to it if the "errant one" has gone a fornicatin' or a smokin' an' a drinkin', but if the reason we have left is TTATT, then it is simply wrong.

    If I had the chance to reply I would have said something like " I now lead an evidence based life, you are the one who believes in myths and stories and doctrines that cannot be proven, and in so-called facts that are simply downright wrong, you are the one living in the world of the deluded, I think you need to get your head right ! ".

    I doubt I ever would be quite that blunt, I am way too kind, but this nonsense that we are the irrational ones is so very annoying.

    Thanks for listening to my Sunday Rant !

  • Gayle
    ugh,, I don't think anything catchy can get through to them. Mostly, I think the 'crack' has to come from within like a little chick trying to get out of the hard shell.
  • millie210
    It was a wonderful rant and I think you are fully sensible!
  • flipper

    PHIZZY- It is incredible the JW's views that they have truly. Most of my still inside JW family - except for my mom- look at ME as the one who needs to get my " head screwed on straight " - they won't even accept or even sniff at the idea that THEY are deluded.

    I think you should have said what you wanted to say to him. Not a matter of being nice- ( you can talk to him in a firm, but polite way ) it's a matter of being straight up and honest towards him telling him what he needs to know as opposed to what he WANTS to know. I did that in a conversation with my mom the other day when she said my JW daughter who is 28 told my mom that . " I hope my dad starts going back to meetings and comes back to the " truth ". " I explained to my JW mom that I'm IN the " truth " . That I'm a very truthful person. In fact I'm more truthful now in my life 11 years removed from being a JW than I've EVER been in my life ! I'm very honest and truthful and real in my dealings with others. " She agreed once I told her that- but JW's are conditioned to think WE are all " mentally diseased " and I feel that we can show them differently when they challenge that. Whether they accept what we say is up to them- but I won't allow myself to be insulted from them face to face anymore. I will call them on their disrespect. But I do it in a way that leaves their dignity intact

  • 4thgen

    Hi Phizzy, It's interesting that he made that comment as he was leaving. Apparently, he had no desire to discuss the topic with you further. He was just showing his arrogance and ignorance. Anything you may have said to him after that would be a waste of your time and energy. It's a pity, because if he would have stuck around and conversed with you, he would have learned something! His loss.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I love it when they tell you, your life without Jehovah will be pure hell.

    Your morals will go down the tubes. First of all I want to respect

    myself, that's why I left. Humans invented morality as a set of rules

    to live in society. JW as a whole have become an immoral force, most

    can't stomach it anymore.

  • Watchtower-Free
  • Phizzy
    That is brilliant ! and sadly, so accurate.
  • LisaRose

    Why would you feel bad about being blunt when he was being insulting and blunt to begin with?

    Jehovah's Witnesses keep up their delusions because no one ever challenges them, why not challenge them? It is possible to disagree without being disagreeable. I might have said "well I did get my head right, that's why I left".

  • Divergent
    Were you able to bring up the issue of child abuse? If you did, what did he have to say about it?

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