Other Religions Compatible to JWs

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  • yknot

    OTWO's suggestion of contacting the BRCI is a real winner


  • Dixie


    I would suggest that you visit several different churches in your area. That's really the only way to find the one that fits you. If you have any church-going friends, ask them about their church. Christian churches are not like the KH. You will be greeted warmly but no one will love bomb you, ask you to study the bible with them, ask for your personal info, judge you, etc. If it's a larger church, you will be able to blend into the crowd easier. I usually picked larger churches for that reason when I was searching.

    Many churches now either have their sermons podcasted or will stream the services on the internet. You can find some in your area that do that and watch them 1st and see what they do & if it's a church you would be interested in attending. Another suggestion is to attend a Thanksgiving or christmas service 1st, that you you will be in a large crowd of many newcomers & visitors.

    I would avoid any cult-like groups like Christadelphians, 7th Day Adventists, Toronto blessing groups, anything to do with Todd Bentley, etc. You might as well stay at the JWs instead of wasting your time at another cult group. CARM has a good list of cults & questionable groups here http://www.carm.org/religious-movements/-religions-list

    My personal preference in a church is Calvary Chapel. I like them because they have this as their philosophy: "in the essentials, we have unity. In the non-essentials, we have liberty." What that means is that when the bible is not expressly clear on something they leave that open to the individual. They also do a very good job on teaching the bible verse by verse. They don't pick and choose scripture like the JWs do, CC reads the bible in context, the way it was meant to be read. I learned more at 6 months in a CC than I did in nearly 20 yrs at a KH.

    Whatever you do, don't pick a religion because someone pressures you to. Faith is a very personal thing and it has to be your decision. If you attend a church and the pastor is pressuring you to join then I would look elsewhere. Whatever you chose, it has to be a place that you feel comfortable at.

    Best wishes on your search.

  • greenie

    Everyone: thank you, thank you, thank you for seriously considering and thoughtfully responding to my question. I was afraid at first that I would get the onslaught of "it's impossssssssssssssssssssssssible!!!!!!!!" or "just be an atheist" and while I can understand the sentiment and reason behind both of those, they're not really for us. So, thank you again for taking time to think about this one. You might have helped other lurkers on here who would like to practice faith in a more organized setting, but don't know where to go. Or believe the line "where else would you go" that's taught at the KH. It looks like I have some research to do!!

  • HappyDad

    I agree with Dixie about Calvary Chapel churches. In 2004 I attended one quite a few times in East Rochester, New York and loved it. Unfortunately here in the Pittsburgh area there is only one Calvary Chapel and it is just too far from me to go.

    Also attended a Missionary Alliance church and liked it. Most of my time was at an Evangelical Free church. It was great and I'm thinking about going back there.

    For the past two years or so, I've been attending an Assembly of God church mostly because I have a lot of friends there. Guess I like the social aspect more than their "in your face" teaching and emotionalism. At many of the services, I just cringe at the message and antics. The pastor's message all too often reminds me of the JW message...."you're not doing enough." I don't think I will be staying there much longer.

    At all the churches I attended, there were wonderful people who showed real love and friendship, so unlike all the JW's I knew for over 30 years.

    Try going to as many churches as you can without making a commitment to any of them until and IF you want to belong.



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