Baptism Questions??

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  • ex360shipper

    Is that assembly hall stage from the video literally a three ring circus?!?

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    New Chapter, et al. RE: Tyrannis' comment about the elder wanting the full list of forbidden sex acts...

    Reminds me of an old joke from my ancient past. Many of you here have probably heard and remember it. But I'll share it anyway.

    Young man signs up for a Human Reproductive and Sexology class at the local college. One night during class, a guest speaker is announced and described as "America's foremost sex expert." The young fellow is excited to know that such a highly regarded person would actually speak to his class.

    During the speech, the expert proclaims: "There are exactly 103 ways to have sexual intercourse!" The entire class sits quietly in disbelief. Meanwhile the young student goes back through his notes and comes up with only 22 ways for humans to have sex.

    "Excuse me, sir!" the young man interrupts. "I can only come up with 22 ways for humans to have sex. Can I go through my list with you to see what I've left out?"

    "Of course. Please begin," the expert replies.

    "Well, let's see. There is the woman laying on her back and the man on top of her."

    The expert suddenly raised his hands and proclaims - "There are exactly 104 ways to have sexual intercourse!"


    I know. It was funnier the first time I heard it too...


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