reasons for the new song book, according to a dub

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  • snowbird
    Does anybody know if they still have that special song that used to always be used at the memorial?

    Jehovah our Heavenly Father, Oh this is a most sacred night!

    Twas Nisan 14 when Your Glory was seen ...

    Is that it?

    I HATED that song.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Damn it snowbird. Now I will be humming that insane song all night!!


  • snowbird
    Damn it snowbird. Now I will be humming that insane song all night!!

    I think it was the insanity of it that got under my skin, Jeff.

    Why should we sing praises to Jehovah if He barred us from His covenant?



  • dissed

    And it came with the announcement with a warning for the brothers not to be reading the old song book any more. It will just furnish the JW's with questions and cause the witnesses with unessesary time for endless debates. All they need is the new song book which has the latest version of light.

    The new song book. - Approved by the GB. Certified to be apostate free.

    Does anyone remember the old, old, old song books with Christendom song melodies with JW lyrics?

  • snowbird

    Correction: Jehovah, our Father in Heaven ...



  • WuzLovesDubs

    That song book was such a shock from having sung the old Protestant, Lutheran, Methodist songs for my whole life. It was like...god...what ARE these?? Not ONE song even remotely close to any of the ones Id been those old songs were dirty or evil. It took me a long time to get used to that. I hated a lot of the JW songs. They were too LONG or too BORING or too HARD or just stupid. And when they came out with the Kingdom Orchestra version with squeaking clarinets and off key brass playing them??? OHMYGOD.

    Ugh... I remember my daughter gave me a kitty sticker...a tiny 1" kitty sticker with sparkles, that I put on the cover of my song book. My husband wouldnt let me USE THAT BOOK because I desicrated Jehovahs SONG BOOK. So with that thinking, they will have to do what the Jews do and bury all the old song books because they are too sacred to throw out or burn or shred or whatever. My guess is they dont burn. LOL


  • undercover

    Man, how do ya'll remember all those songs?

    I remember some titles when I see them, but I can't find them in my mental ipod anymore. The tunes are gone. I see that as a good thing...I hope...not alzheimers...

    Another question: How many of ya'll actually sang at the hall? I didn't. For years, I just kinda mumbled. I can't sing...I know I can't. Why subject everyone to my caterwauling if it's only going to embarrass me and screw everyone else up? Later, as I was fading, I didn't even bother faking it. I just stood then, I wasn't even pretending to pray anymore either.

  • hamsterbait

    Password makes a valid point.

    Jesus is now even less of a sidekick to the Slave now.

    You hear "faithful slave" more often than either Jehovah or Jesus these days. The slave provides us. Its a mindwashing mantra.

    Iwent for the first time in ages recently. The speaker managed to avoid the "jesus" word completely, and the Witchtower study was all from the OT.

    I bet the formula for praying will be changed if they think they can get away with it... WAIT!! they would get away with it.


  • snowbird

    At one time, I had them ALL committed to memory!

    I love to sing; at church, we used to sing all the spirituals a cappella.

    I still find myself singing "God's Great and Wondrous Works."

    Jehovah God, Almighty One,

    How great and wondrous Your works are!

    Earth, moon, and stars, and shining sun

    Your glories tell, both near and far!

    Beautiful song, imo.


  • Emma

    "Does anyone remember the old, old, old song books with Christendom song melodies with JW lyrics?"

    I do!

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