how are the JW's viewed from the outside?

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  • PSacramento

    Typically they are viewed as a cult by some and just another religious group by others, many don't see them as "christians".

    Those that know about their blood policies find them confused and dangerous and "mind controlled".

    People who know JW's tend to find them polite and reserved, those that have been exposed to JW' conversion tactics find them knowleable about the bible compared to most other religious people ( except Muslims and Jews) though they tend to disagree with most of their doctrines.

    Some find their door-to-door preaching bothersome and feel that it is a negative aspect of that religion.

  • HolyParrot

    I used to think they were just like any other harmless religion, they just pestered people more than the others.

    Even after I married into a JW family (wifes parents) and began to get the stories I still thought things like:

    "If they haven't got time, can't they just not bother doing the studying", and "can't they just not go?"

    It's only when I started reading up on this site and others that..... well holy SH*T!!! what is THIS????


    JW`s think they are in the Spotlight 24/7..

    Everyone looks to JW`s as an example!


    Most people don`t know much about JW`s

    JW`s are viewed as those Strange People who knock on your door,all dressed up..

    ..Say nothing of any Importance and Leave..

    They are also known for not participating in anything..


    Allowing thier children to die from lack of Blood..

    Jehovah`s Witness`s are a Legend in thier own Mind..



  • Hiding Questioner
    Hiding Questioner

    "I laugh at the term outside, because in reality, its JW's who are on the outside looking in. They are the ultimate fringe group. They are around just enough to let you know that they still exist, but do nothing in the way of interacting constructively with anyone else."

    In the corporate world it's call Public Relations or PR. The JWs just don't get it and continually shoot themselves in the foot with respect to their image and how to properly improve their image..note the word PROPERLY. That is why I gave up a long time ago thinking I could somehow make a difference. I figured "If they don't care about PR then why should I".


  • kurtbethel

    It would be worthwhile to do a survey, email people on your list and see what kind of responses you get. It would likely come down to this: Annoying door bangers who want to push their religion, they don't salute the flag or celebrate holidays, and make blood sacrifice of their children.

    Almost no one knows about their so called "kingdom message", paradise earth or different classes caste system.

    So much for preaching to all the world.

  • scotinsw

    After telling a couple of friends that I used to be one they said the only things they knew about were no blood, no christmas and calling on people on a Saturday morning.

    I remember being a child in the 80s and hearing householders raising the blood issue but over recent times it would never get raised in FS. Perhaps its a British thing as people are just not that interested in religion over here.

  • Joshnaz

    When I tell others that I WAS a JW. Their eyes get big and they kinda lean back away from me in a sense like, "oh stay away from me." I think its because they know of them to want force their beliefs on them. They always can't miss a oppertunity to preach. Gotta get them hours in somehow. Sfter I explain to them why I'm not a JW, and how I've been out of it for ten years they seem to relax.

  • palmtree67

    I have to laugh at AE's comment.

    The cleaning lady for our clinic is JW. She tries to Witness to everyone, they tell me they hide when they see her coming. Also her work is crappy, and she's about to be fired from the contract.

  • PSacramento

    kurtbethel makes a very valid point, for all their door-to-door preaching, the vast majority of people only know them via their controversial stands and not via their message which begs the question:

    How effectiveis their door-to-door preaching?

    Answer: Not very effective at all.

  • undercover
    I remember being a child in the 80s and hearing householders raising the blood issue but over recent times it would never get raised in FS.

    Something about your sentence jogged my memory...not sure why, but I remember calling on an emergency nurse from the local hospital. She brought up the blood issue. She was polite and respectful but adamant in her position that "our" policy on not allowing blood transfusions was unexcusable. She felt strong about it because she was involved in a situation where parents refused blood for their child.

    That call has always kinda stuck with me over the years. Partly because she was polite but her arguments were hard to overcome. I remember trying to convince myself that she'd never understand because she wasn't "enlightened" as we were, when the truth was that I was that one who was ignorant and she was just too polite to bluntly point it out.

    In that instance, JWs were not viewed too kindly as a policy of the religion put this nurse in a position to possibly have to watch a child die while their hands were tied from being able to help.

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