Any WINE buffs on here ?

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  • llbh

    aligot riponsous i so agree with you about the delights of Anjou Villages wines, i have spent happy times in the Loire drinking their beautiful wine. I have been to Bordeaux and Burgundy too. I had a memorable meal near Chalon sur Saone , by The Saone itself.

    I loved the Rose's of the Loire.

    I am no wine buff though i just enjoy drinking nice wine.

    Regards David

  • wobble

    Thanks to all for your replies and advice, I too prefer a full bodied woman,sorry red wine. I too do not like the acid effect I often notice in a cheap white.

    Probably the best wine I have ever tasted came from a small French estate called I believe Aloxe Corton Bloody Marvellous !

    I am sure I will be able to educate my S.I.L to try some better wines, and leave out the lemonade. I just wish she would leave out the cigarettes.

    I am not anti-smoking as such,but I am sure she will kill herself,and she is such a sweet,kind and funny person,she is like a little sister to me, so I care about her health.

    Thanks again all,

    Bottoms up !


    Wobble (of the Drinking Class)

  • Satanus

    Acetone is white and has a nice bouquet. Should go w lemonaide.


    Ps, try to get her to stop smoking as she's drinking it. Not that there's anything wrong w smoking or drinking. But, smoking and drinking acetone together may incur the wrath of the acetones gods.

  • Mattieu

    Can't go past an Australian wine - try one from the Yarra Valley, Mc Laren Vale or Margaret River! I do most nights...


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