Any WINE buffs on here ?

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  • wobble

    I am not an expert on wine, can't afford to be, but I do like a good one,preferably red, but I have tasted some excellent rose and white.

    My question is for the benefit of my sister in law, she is a chain smoker, and perhaps for that reason cannot abide a wine that is even slightly dry, she only drinks white,but does not enjoy the sweet white she has bought (cheapo bottles) so sticks lemonade in medium or dry white.

    That is O.K if she is paying, but I often buy a good quality white, around $20 , and she desecrates it by pouring in the lemonade !

    Can anyone recommend a wine,not too expensive,that she would enjoy ? I suppose for her strange palate it would have to be "sweet" , but she hates sickly sweet.

    Any ideas ?




  • asilentone

    I hope there are wine buffs are here on JWN since I also have wine questions, but if you do not get the answer here, why not try the yahoo answers. Good Luck!

  • LouBelle


    I prefer my reds, but there are one or two excellent whites I'll drink if in the mood.

    Now I'm not sure if you have access to the wine I'm going to suggest - living in SA I'm spoilt for choice:

    Chenin Blanc - also known as Steen - might be difficult to lay your hands on a good one as it is South African. This is not sickly sweet but has a delicious light crisp fruity flavour, slightly sweet - a couple of good estates are Durbanville, Spier, this site for more information of chenin blanc

    There is a site that delivers to the US: ( not sure how much that would cost)

  • bluecanary

    I'm a whine experet. Wait, was that the question?

  • besty

    try a Gerwurtztraminer - more floral than sweet - good with spicy food like Thai curry as well

    oh and for Rose - can't see past anything from Tavel - usually around 14% with lots of body - great with anything off the grill....

  • Heartbreaker

    i'm with besty on the German white...and if you really want to lowball it, I like for an everyday white (ahem, I really sometimes DO MEAN everyday) a simple (cheap - 9 bucks maybe?) blend called Symphony Obession. Sweet, but not syrupy, can do well with dishes that could call for a dryer white, without upsetting the balance too much.

    A cheaper red I'd suggest is Cellar 8...they are all nice but particularly enjoy the Cabernet sauvignon. You can find those for around a 10 too.

  • Heartbreaker

    JUST realized that you aren't in the States Wobble, so I don't know if what I suggested can be found where you are. Oh well, I tried....maybe it'll be good for someone.

  • besty

    if she likes lemonade in white wine she could just cut out the mixology and get stuck into a bottle of Lambrini

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Well if she wants to ruin wine by putting lemonade in it, I don't know if it matters.

    But a solid little house white wine is a Cavit pinot grigio. An Italian wine, it's light, a bit fruity and refreshing in the summer. Alice White chardonnay is a little heavier, most chardonnays are; good aftertaste, but not overpowering like many chardonnays. And it's an Australian wine, and I'm not partial to them. Both should be under $10 a bottle.



    Wine and Lemonade?????????????????????????????????..

    Buy a bottle of Lysterine mouth wash(It has alcohol in it) and mix it with lemonade..


    Salted Cooking wine(It`s Cheap) and mix it with lemonade..


    Have her sniff glue and give her lemonade..


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