Jury Duty

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  • JWoods

    It brings up the interesting question: If jury duty is marginally OK, then why would it be wrong to VOTE?

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog
    Why not, Deputy?

    They tend to not like cops on Juries. For some reason they think I would not be impartial

  • snowbird

    Oh, I see.

    Thanks, Deputy.

    Have you read this online book?



  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog

    Thanks snowbird.

    I'll have to check it out.

  • yknot


    Voting was MOC-ed back in 1999.......(sort of)

    For instance voting for the school district to cut out the middle-man in sending funds to the state for poorer schools.....is MOC without violation of neutrality

    However voting in Governor or Presidential elections are seen as violating neutrality which then puts the JW into an autoDA by action.

  • beksbks

    Jury selection is still going on, today was the third day. I wanted to strangle some of them. But this Judge, lol he's good. At one point today, he said to some dork who was obviously trying to slide "What makes you think every one else here doesn't feel the same way? Ok let's get a show of hands, who wants to be here?" Talk about peer pressure!

    It's very odd sitting there looking at the defendant through all this. There's comedy, sometimes we are all laughing, and I look over at the D, they are laughing too. Even though they are up on a murder charge, the daily moments go on. Interesting stuff.

  • snowbird

    Interesting stuff, Bek.

    Please keep us updated.



  • Gregor

    My wife was dismissed from a pool yesterday. A Meth undercover drug sting. She is now through for awhile. She had been on the roster for three months. She sat on one case last month that was presented, deliberated and a verdict rendered all in one day. (An indian who was caught poaching 3 undersized sturgeon. He could not show he was a registered member of the tribe. Big $$ fine.) guilty.

    A few years ago she sat on a murder case. The guy had walked into the kitchen and blew his wife away with a shotgun. She was not happy about all the photos but then realized they were important for understanding the case. The case took one week. Guilty.

    Her advice to beks, take notes if allowed. Good luck.

  • undercover
  • undercover

    hmmm...the post demonz struck again...

    Good thing I copied before submitting...

    It brings up the interesting question: If jury duty is marginally OK, then why would it be wrong to VOTE?

    That's an easy one...

    It's easier to get out of voting than it is to get out of jury duty.

    Praise Jah that his channel understands the trials and tribulations of trying to avoid your civic duty...

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