Is Christianity a form of mental disorder?

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  • Spook

    Most religious cults and negative aspects of religion are from illusions.

    The common sensations people have from...

    ...singing in large groups

    ...participating in reinforcing discussions

    ...sharing common intimate "prayer" discussions

    Produce real emotions. To oversimplify, these emotions get "translated" in the vernacular of the particular belief system.

    Several totally fabricated religions use these experiences extensively. One HUGE one is the making public of private problems and the "group therapy" type vibes it gives off. This is then related to the theology of the cult.

    This can be used in good ways by PROFESSIONAL therapists who are trustworthy individuals. They can manage the bonds and challenges of group therapy better. This is useful for some very sticky personal problems such as addiction, eating disorders and some character disorders.

  • caliber
    Let us say that--You believe that the President was born in Kenya; was smuggled into this nation so that when he grows up he can kill your useless granny; put your defective baby through the shredder; create a paramilitary force out of brainwashed school children; gather up all opponents of his into concentration camps; and last but not least, change the weather so he could justify some vaguely stated connection between global warming and Socialism.
    Now where does this fall on the spectrum of illusion--->delusion? I believe that the medical definitions are somewhat incomplete due perhaps to a fear of offending a large portion of our population.

    I find it hard to believe that mass delusion exists.. and if it does it can't exist for long

  • caliber

    The very nature of delusion says to me you're off on your own twisted tangent... it's like trying to follow

    someone else's nightmare . Delusion is for leaders not followers ! (IMHO)

    " He sees dead people"

  • villabolo

    Caliber: "I find it hard to believe that mass delusion exists.. and if it does it can't exist for long"

    Caliber, there is a phrase in French, folie a deux, that describes a psychiatric disorder where two people such as husband and wife or siblings share the same delusions. If two can tango so can multitudes. A book was written by the title of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackey on that issue. Not all his examples may qualify as mass delusions. I believe, as I've said before, that psychiatrists and sociologists may not be too keen to do much research on this topic, or get funding even if they were willing, for fear of stepping on religious, political and corporate toes.


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