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  • Heartbreaker

    Ok, so you've gotten past the fact they are not Jehovahs channel of communication, and that it's just a bunch of men behind the curtain. So then the shift goes to WHY DO THEY DO IT? I mean control is ok, some people crave it, but what is the big pull? Do THEY believe the stuff they manufacture and preach? Are they fooling themselves too?

    All the sales of these buildings, all the donations at the KH, the willing of material posessions from those that have died....what is it all for? Who is living high on the hog? Where is all the money? Whats the pull? What am I missing?

  • leavingwt

    Why do Muslims do it?

    Same reason.

    They really believe it.

    Have you read Steve Hassan's books? These people are true believers. There is no doubt in their minds that Armageddon is just around the corner.

  • Heartbreaker

    I haven't yet read his books, no. But the money? Where is it?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    According to Franz - they believe it. Some might be wavering on that but for the most part they believe their own myths

  • Heartbreaker

    ok, so they believe it, but can any answer regarding the money? Where is it all going? Whats the pull?

  • Goshawk

    If I had to offer a guess it would be this:

    They are true believers, the money is a side benefit of their position. At some point they begin to think that they are entitled to the perks because their belief system justifies that they are in charge of and own the other sheep. Oct 15th Watchtower; "Be Aglow with the Spirit".

  • musky

    "Who is living high on the hog?"

    I think that is an excellent question. I have wondered that myself. Who are living in luxury with the high end homes and cars. Years ago I heard about the Rutherford Cadillacs and Beth Sarim, but that was a long time ago.

  • Heartbreaker

    Thank you Musky, that was exactly my point. Have they learned the lesson of that embarrassment (after pocketing the proceeds of the sale of course) and been better at hiding the loot? Is it squandered by bad planning or spending? (I can hardly imagine that) or is it just piling riches up to heaven?

  • jamiebowers

    Awhile back Barbara Anderson related a childhood experience where two girls from her congregation went to Bethel with their families. The girls came back and regaled Barabara with stories about President Knorr's luxury apartment, cars, and I think a private plane, but don't quote me about the plane. Well, being the faithful little jw that Barbara was, she was certain that the stories weren't true and consulted the elders. When the girls were questioned about the stories they told, they denied everything. When Barbara went to serve at Bethel she learned for herself that it was all true.

    The guys at the top may not have their own individual bank accounts, but they are well cared for and well traveled.

  • glenster

    From Russell on through the JWs leaders, they've claimed they were the only
    rule maker, or one of the few rule makers, of a literal 144,000 and meant a
    dozen or so rules to set off the distinction. Keep your focus on the methods
    they use to make it seem like the best evidence supports those rules to deter-
    mine their insincerity.

    My research shows they've used propaganda of others/quote mining/omission
    of pertinent evidence, etc., and falsified a bad track record, to make the
    claim about their exclusiveness look substantiated. A handful of sections are
    of authors complaining that their research books were misrepresented, and there
    are a lot more contexts of other quotes the JWs leaders used that show the same
    insincerity. Raymond Franz seems like a nice fellow, but if those leaders had a
    sincere era, I haven't found it.

    I don't remember the exact quote, but I vaguely remember RF writing that he
    was taken aback by one of the GB who joked that the prediction failures weren't
    a problem--they just take a date off one shoulder and put it on another.

    Why put a radio transmitter in your ear to get flock members' names and
    addresses from your wife, who found these things out earlier talking with the
    flock, then tell the flock that you're getting special messages from Jesus and
    that they're healed? Why bend spoons then tell people it was done with psychic

    Russell: see "Love and money: Miracle Wheat and Charles' divorce from Maria"
    on p.1a. He socked it away in dummmy companies. The concern to put it into the
    Watchtower and live on an undisclosed amount, used to this day, seems to have
    been born out of a concern to avoid making alimony payments anywhere near com-
    mensurate to his income.

    (I always thought that one of the dumbest things said about Rusell, meant
    to indicate his sincere selflessness, was that he died with only $11 in his
    pocket. In today's economy, that would be at least ten times that, an amount
    anyone might have on them for some spending money. You can't tell anything
    about the person's income from that.)

    Rutherford had a more overt approach to wealth and socked the wife away. See
    "Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, etc., are coming back to run things, and they're going
    to live in one of Rutherford's mansions and drive one of his Cadillac V-16s" on
    the same page.

    Knorr and subsequent JWs leaders have reverted to Russell's more clandestine
    approach about money--see jamiebowers' post.

    The recent leaders are pretty clandestine period. But the discouragement of
    charity (other than to other JWs), encouragement to round up money for the pub-
    lishing at the expense of one's own concerns, inexpensive publishing and Kingdom
    Hall materials, etc., indicate a concern to turn as high a profit as possible
    for a billion a year business.

    "As is well known, members of the governing body and other high officials are
    so often given sizeable gifts when they travel and speak to the larger Witness

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