My Aunt Tells My Mom NOT To Read A Book About A JW In Concentration Camp Because...

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  • minimus

    Where does the other money go?


    Where does the other money go?

    Gas for Field Service,trips to the Kingdom Hall and Assemblys..

    Extra cash for WBT$ Literature that will never be Placed..

    Expenses for the next Assembly..

    Contributions for the Kingdom Hall and Assemblys.

    Don`t worry Minimus..

    The WBT$ will eventually get all the Money..


  • shopaholic

    Blondie, that list was quite interesting.

    Ha...a JW wrote a simplified version of the bible . Some of the JW books really seem like a big no-no to me in the JW world. Certainly not anything a "real" JW would read. And the ones for the kids about the meeting and the other about paradise...ha...I wonder who would buy those books. I'm sure most JWs would think they are written by apostates.

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