Grandmother Goes To Jail For Buying Cold Medicine!

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  • undercover

    Granny just says she's buying it for family members. I bet she's got a flower making machine in her green house...

    (extra credit to anyone who knows what I'm referencing...)

  • BorgHater

    When i worked in a Pharmacy we had to look out for people with addiction to over-the-counter painkillers. One woman used to come in about 3 times a week and buy a box of 60 (or was it 40?) soluble Solphadine each time. But because she came in on seperate days there was nothing we could do. The thing is, if you go to 3 different pharmacies in one day you could stock up on pills to your hearts content. I read about a woman who took 80 Syndols a day (Syndols are co-codamol i think.) Because her body had got used to it slowly over a period of time she hadn't ever overdosed, but my God, 80 a day!!! If i have 2 of those they knock me out flat lol. I used to be a real pill popper at one time though, it's so easy to get addicted.

    Mind you, i think arresting Grandma was a bit of an overreaction. Ridiculous!

  • Satanus

    Just to be sure about her, they should render her at guantanimau for an indefinite time period.




    It`s about time the USA made it`s Streets Safe..

    From Drugged out Grannies!..

    I hope they Water Board her..


    Make her tell,where Bin Ladin is Hiding!


  • jamiebowers

    We live in Ohio. Several years ago my husband and I both had terrible colds, but mine was worse than his. While in the dollar store check out line with 4 bottles of a Nyquil knock off and 2 bottles of Dayquil knock off, the cashier told him he could only purchase one of each. Aside from feeling like hell, my dear husband holds nothing back when he is irritated. When he asked why, the cashier said the rule was in place, because people use those products to make crystal meth. He answered, "I don't even know what the f*ck that is!" She sold it to him, and he came home in a huff.

  • dinah

    It is ridiculous. If more than one person in the house is sick, you have to go to two different stores.

  • WTWizard

    If Codex Alimentarius passes (and they have shut up about it while passing it behind our backs, using the Scam Flu as a smokescreen), you will go to jail for possessing VITAMINS! You will not be allowed to possess or sell vitamins in potencies that have "discernible effects"--and there will be a "safety margin" of 100. That will mean you will not be allowed more than 1/100 the minimum amount that has any effects. Additionally, all dairy products will have to be made using Monsanto's growth hormones, and there will be laws governing "organic" foods--it will have to be irradiated.

    At this rate, within a few years everyone will have what foods and drugs they take dictated by the government, and it will be a felony to not take medicine that they prescribed. Even if a vitamin or herb would have done a better job, you will be required to take the drug (and prove you have taken that drug, not a fake or a vitamin) or risk going to jail (and having your life disrupted, homes repossessed, jobs lost, and money wiped out while you are in jail). This is no longer a republic like it once was--it is more like a dictatorship run by Monsanto and a few drug, oil, and auto companies that do not want anything to advance.

  • minimus

    Wiz, they're saying they want to make health insurance mandatory or you'll get fined.

  • MissingLink

    Land of the free....

  • kurtbethel

    These are public funds these people are using to enforce these nonsensical laws. Those funds are collected and disbursed to protect us from thugs and people who desire to harm us. They are not meant to be used for hassling harmless people and performing social engineering experiments. Passing and enforcing those laws is PUBLIC MALFEASANCE. This is interesting. Since we have so many laws, how about a law that the punishment for public malfeasance to be tarring and feathering?

    That would be worthwhile.

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