Grandmother Goes To Jail For Buying Cold Medicine!

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  • minimus

    In Indiana, a grandma bought cold medicine for her husband. Within a 7 day period, the same woman bought her adult daughter a similar cold relief medicine. Evidently, there's a law there saying you can't buy more than 3 grams of these meds within a 7 day period. The result? She was taken in handcuffs and her picture was on the front page of the newspaper for a "drug sweep". The prosecutor and sheriff believe this woman was not trying to break the law for any type of meth manafacturing but as far as they're concerned, she still was in violation and ignorance of the law is no excuse. She can pay court fines and get into a "deferral" system that will expunge her record if she stays out of trouble for a limited amount of time.

    Your thoughts please.

  • VM44

    In the words of Mr. Brumble, "The law is an ass!" (1838)

  • nelly136

    they police the painkillers and dispense them in packs of 16 here and if you try to buy more than the 'allowance' in supermarkets you're refused them.

    just means you have to make return trips if you want to stock up your cupboards.

    little excessive policing but its the way things have gone lately.

  • minimus

    The prosecutor was happy to have the law not say anything about "intent". This way it's easier to just arrest somebody.

  • dissed

    All three of us had colds and I told the wifey to buy two Nyquils. The Safeway refused stating store policy limiting one per visit. Sam's Club sells them in two packs. How irresponsible of the Club?! lol

  • yknot

    Oh that is just plain stupid.......

    People who are looking to manufacture illegal drugs aren't going to openly violate any detection laws, rather they would pay individual to purchase the medicines in ways that are under the radar.

    Why punish the people, go after the drug companies or illegal drug dealers!

    Note to self: Indiana is a stupid state to consider moving too.

  • Farkel

    Does Indiana have the death penalty? I mean that was a SERIOUS offense and grannies like that should never be allowed to walk the streets again.

    Farkel, makes a note to send Indiana to HELL

  • minimus

    I guess Indiana has many meth labs.

  • JeffT

    When I went through rehab there was a guy in there who was addicted to Theraflu. Evidently if you drink enough of it, you'll get high. He'd buy everything they had on the shelf.

    This one sounds silly to me. I can understand having some sort of notification process, but one incident doesn't make a meth lab. They need to look for the people that are buying ten a day or whatever.

  • minimus

    They say that the meth makers get unwitting relatives and friends to get the drugs at times. So the law is on the books to punish anyone.

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