Trying To Make JW's Seem "Normal", One Cult Member At a Time

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  • isaacaustin

    I would think the elders would make their numbers accessible...if needed to be contacted..let's say you can't give your talk, or need to rat out another JW you saw smoking...or need help removing a nasty ol aposate from your premises.

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    thanks aLJ, love your warm personality :)

  • jookbeard

    ok AE simply PM me some of the names of the elders in your cong and I'll try

  • undercover

    Getting back to Jeff's original post...

    You're reaction to 9/11 reminds me of my experience that day and shortly after.

    I was mostly inactive at that point, though not fully awakened to the scam that is the WTS when 9/11 hit. I was inactive, not so much for trying to fade as I was for a number of other reasons. The freedom from the constant indoctrination allowed old doubts and questions to come to the surface which caused even more confusion.

    As I watched the horror unfold on TV, I remembered the illustrations in some of the old publications. People running, scared, looking back at the toppling buildings. As this was actually happening as I was watching, I knew that somehow a zealous JW should be cheering for the destruction of the symbol of Big Business (one of the things the WTS used to take pleasure in condemning). In their minds, this should be the start of Armageddon.

    In the days following it, I heard many JWs make mention of the "start of Armageddon". I went to a few meetings to gauge the reaction and all the way from the lowly publisher to the Bethel speaker that was at the Special Day Assembly, they all spoke of the "impending" destruction to follow.

    I even got a shedarding call urging me to get busy again. One elder said that events were moving fast and my time was running out to be on the right side.

    It wasn't until it really became clear to the JW higher ups even, that this was a terror strike against the US, not God's war against all wicked did the rhetoric change. It came all the way from the GB to not connect 9/11 to Armageddon or compare the destruction of that day to God's destruction against disobedient mankind.

    Yet, the images were already there. This is what the destruction would look like. And it was disgusting. How could a loving, merciful "God" resort to such means to destroy those who chose to not worship him? What message does that really send to those who do worship him.

    While 9/11 wasn't the beginning for me, it was an eye opener. It showed me that the destruction yearned for by JWs as taught by the Society was not something I wanted any part of. It also marked a change as I went from feeling guilt over being inactive to realizing there was much more for me to discover about what I thought I knew.

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