Trying To Make JW's Seem "Normal", One Cult Member At a Time

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  • cognac

    Very well said alltimejeff. Btw, I did the math and you are only a couple of years older then me. That's so weird that we are basically the same age. You sound so much more mature then me, lol.

  • willyloman

    Jeff: This is such a good post. One of the best things about this forum is that someone with your background records his or her personal JW experiences and observations and demonstrates to others the process of waking up and coming to their senses.

    I've had the same thoughts you shared and come to the same conclusions you have, and so have many other ex-dubs. It was so important to me when I first came here five years ago to hear that I was not alone in my thoughts and that there was a way out.

    My own personal 9/11 experience is much like yours. In the aftermath of 9/11 as I watched as "worldly"people of all kinds come together as brothers and poured out their time, energy and resources to perfect strangers, I realized what a lie we'd been fed. The pictures on TV looked exactly the way the WT had portrayed Armageddon. Why weren't these people turning on each other? Weren't they supposed to be going berserk, attacking one another, eating their young? But, no. Instead they turned to each other for support and received it, unconditionally.

    Meanwhile, down at the local KH, no one was turning to their "brothers" but instead were all in denial. On the Saturday after, I went to the KH for the FS meeting and listened to an elder "conduct" the meeting for service for 15 minutes without even mentioning 9/11! By the next weekend, however, we had "instructions from Mother" to use this opportunity to witness to people and point to the New System - the very system that the world had just clearly demonstrated they had no need for! A blind reaction showing total disregard for the fact that our leaders had been "revealed" to be false prophets.

    On 9/11, I became an American. This was a clear conflict with my JW status and I began to withdraw from the organization. Like many others, I could no longer support something I couldn't believe in.

  • AllTimeJeff

    I appreciate the responses. I think its good to realize that those of us who use to be Jehovah's Witnesses (ex JW sometimes doesn't do us justice) that apologists are very liberal. They aren't defending the faith in the WT approved manner. Hell, the WT counsels JW's to simply ignore everything, their doubts, naysayers...... math.

    Most lurkers who come here, probably won't ever post. But I doubt very seriously that most are going to be running back to a KH because of some apologists.. (which is why the one whose name won't be mentioned R_____ did more harm then good to her stated intentions) JW's having doubts don't come here to have their leg pissed on and then be told its raining by supposed JW's. They have heard all the rhetoric. They know things aren't adding up.

    All they are trying to do is make sense of it all. They know the answers aren't to go back to the KH or talk to the elders.

    But again, I sure hope they do. They won't make that mistake again. To expose yourself to the elders with your doubts is to be marked for years, if not for the rest of your terrestial life.... So be my guest lurkers.

    There are other, better ways of course. Talking and being yourself, getting to know yourself is a great place to start....

    Outlaw, there are days that I wish I lived on a ranch in the middle of nowhere... lol.. Maybe one day.... At least you treated those JW's well. Most mean no harm, and will quickly scuttle back to their space craft, or 92 Aries K....

    Cognac, I turn 35 in 2 months.... My life has aged me a bit too much. I used to be fun. But enough about 3rd grade....

    On 9/11, I became an American. This was a clear conflict with my JW status and I began to withdraw from the organization. Like many others, I could no longer support something I couldn't believe in.

    willyloman, I couldn't agree more. My road took a lot longer, but I got there. I wonder sometimes how the events of that day will affect the WTBTS in the long run.

  • dissed


    Thanks for another inciteful write up. You have a way of making everything so clear and simple to understand.

  • bluecanary

    What an excellent thread.

    willyloman, thanks for sharing your experience. Your comment about becoming an American reminds me of an episode of M*A*S*H; when BJ had to make an impossible decision between lives, he said at that point he became a soldier.

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    ATJ and GG, really sorry that obviously in your cong you had alot of limits and this has clearly annoyed you for you insist it is the case in all congs, well I can without a doubt,hand on heart say,no thats not the case. Our congregation is wonderful,yes all of them have faults but no they dont tell us what we can and cant do, they dont say i cant be on here either,maybe if i were on another site which was named "anti jw" then id be encouraged to come off, but as for this site its fine,as ive said so many times.

    If you still want to believe that what im saying isnt the case then i understand your anger or pain is misgudining you.

  • isaacaustin


    I am sorry but I do not beleive that your cong is ok with your being here, while fully understadning that it is this website you are on. One thing about the org- they are united worldwide in their rules....apostate websites being one they are particularly hard on. This is an aposate website, regardless of the name being, the same as anyone can claim to be a JW and still be considered aposatate by the WT. This site is run by exJWs, aposates according to the WT. Cong members must follow the GB mandates, they are not forced but are ostracized if they do not follow, and disfellowshipped if considered a serious infraction.

    This is not guided by pain or experience and observation.

    If you are that certain that congs in your area are ok with this website give me the phone number a a cong, any cong...let's say 100 miles away from you (to protect your privacy and location). I would like to inquirew if that is the case....which I am sure it is not.

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    I dont have any numbers of congs??? not even mine??? Not something that we need But feel free to ring Bethal for a number of any cong and then ask them, however im sure you will be suprised at the response. dont forget to tell them its :))


  • isaacaustin

    You don't get commital answers on issues from Bethal over the phone. Nor do I beleive that there is that much of a disparity between JWs in Englad to here in the US. In the US it is a very serious issue coming to apostate websites...even if it is called JW.NET...

    People on this site here have gotten busted and called to the carpet for coming here. Telling elders that you found info on this site would not draw approval. So, I do not beleive your story, but in the unlikely event it is true, I beleive you did not clearly explain to them or they did not fully understnad what you were speaking of.

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    I didnt say ring Bethal to ask them, I said to ring to get a number of a cong from them....

    Its nice your concerned and thankyou......but im being honest, anyway wish you well, enjoy your evening or day over there??? Unsure....

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