Little Things That We Missed Along the Way!

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  • AK - Jeff
  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Tonight we attended the 32nd Annual East Noble Marching Band Invitational.

    First time in my life I ever attended Marching Band Competition.

    It was terrific. The dedication and hard work of these kids is amazing. My wife and I had a blast - the grandkids got a little tired and grumpy though. M and I commented thru the event and after how much we felt cheated by the Watchtower in missing things like this.

    We loved it. God how I wish we had not been in a mind control cult for our earlier adult years. But we perhaps enjoyed it more than almost anyone else there - they have always taken for granted these things. I felt like a kid in a candy store. And this was just a little band competition.


  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    Marching bands are the best! Glad you had fun :-)

  • blondie

    Maybe my area was a little more liberal. I live in a town with a world renowned college marching band. It was hard to miss their performances during the well-attended sporting events. Several elders had tickets for all the games and made "friends" with the COs/DOs with them. I was in a high school band myself...with a few adjustments by my teacher as to the music. There is also a very good boy scout band too that many went to their competitions.

    I find that was is maddening about the WTS is the wide variety of "rules" that exist and the many different ways they are applied within congregations, between congregations, and between circuits.

    The competitions are filmed and shown on the local PBS station so those that cannot afford the tickets (ours are not cheap) can enjoy the music.

    I was thinking too of all the jws I knew that went to the Thanksgiving parade in the various large cities with an excellent chance to see great marching bands.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I am just so amazed by the little things that the Watchtower took away from us along the way.

    We were so terrified of worldly association, or just wasting our time in non witness activity, that we forgot to smell the flowers. Here I am at the age of 54 extolling my excitement of things that I should have first experienced at 14 or whatever.

    Yes we had a great time. We will be doing it again.


  • Farkel

    :First time in my life I ever attended Marching Band Competition.

    Geeeez. The next thing you know, you will be buying an accordian and learning polkas!

    Seriously, I love marching bands. Really!


  • AllTimeJeff
    Seriously, I love marching bands. Really!

    Farkel, I thought you hated everything?

    ATJeff of the Just Curious Class

    Jeff, I went to a college football game this year, and the bands were way more fun then I anticipated. I thought they would be so boring, but man, they were really good. I enjoyed it a ton.

    Frankly, in the spirit of your thread, I probably have no idea the little things l like and enjoy yet

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    True, Blondie. I don't think it was entirely 'verboten' here either. I am sure that some Jw families attended occasional events of this sort. But spiritually 'strong' families never did. I of course have seen many marching bands during televised football games, etc. But I never had attended a local high school competition before. Always had a talk to prepare or a meeting to attend or service the next day. You know the drill.

    Most of the rules were unwritten anyway.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I don't know about you Farkel.

    Kinda my point ATJ - I don't even know where the flowers are in some cases. But I am smelling them when I find them now.


  • TheClarinetist

    You should check out a college marching band. My band is two hundred and eighty something players, all on the field playing at the same time. Its amazing... I actually marched during high school. My brother wasn't allowed to, but I knew I was going the music route, and kind of insisted on it.

    If you like marching bands, you should also check out the DCI competitions. They don't have any woodwinds (you can't hear us anyway... though I heard that the clarinets were loud and clear at tonights football game ^_^), but the brass players are the best of the college and high school musicians and marchers. Its really amazing. And if its one of your kids/grandkids in the competition, I'm sure they would like seeing it, as well.

    (Sorry... just had to have my band nerd moment. ^_^)

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