Are you vocal about your dislikes?

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  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Should you be?

    I was thinking of a scene from my childhood this afternoon. As far back as I can remember, we had a wooden table and chairs in the dining room of my childhood home. Come to find out after we'd had them for years that neither mom nor dad liked the set. They both thought the set was ugly, even before they bought it, but each thought the other one liked the set, and so neither said anything.

    Is such a situation healthy?

  • yknot

    I think it is totally dependent on the situation at hand.....

    I am sure you parents had quite a laugh and sigh of relief when they discovered their mutual dislike.....

  • Farkel

    :Are you vocal about your dislikes?

    Not me. No need to be vocal about it. I hate everything and everyone!


  • AllTimeJeff

    No, not in real life. On the internet, more so. However, I have noticed that 2009 has been the year of ATJ, the contrarian in real life. This is the year I have decided

    I have learned to express my dislikes without being an ass about it. I don't see the point in random people telling me they do or don't like something. Like this matters to me? Like they should care what I like?

    I think one of the great values of this site is to discover what you really like, really don't like, and learning to argue for it. Sometimes, we might even learn enough to change.....

  • dinah

    I'm vocal here and IRL.

    Jeff, I have read your posts since you joined, you are really good at expressing your dislike without being an ass. And you can do it without cussin'!

  • SixofNine

    I don't think I like the tone of this thread.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Thanks Dinah. I seem to be bad at finishing sentences...

    This is the year I have decided

    "... to not be afraid of who I really am.... "

    I don't cuss? I feel like I cuss more then I would like. I am rather good at it.... lol

  • dinah

    I don't remove the Marlboro from my mouth before telling a State Trooper to kiss my ass.

    Jeff, you're good at getting the point across. Don't know how you reel your emotions in like you do sometimes. I see someone taking up for them, and I just see RED, and I wanna just tear them a new ass.

    *waiting for some elders to show up here*

  • mrsjones5

    I try to be vocal about my dislikes when it's prudent to do so. I'm talking about the real offline me. Here sometimes I do, sometimes I don't, depends on if it's really gonna make a difference and in my mind most times it's not.

  • AllTimeJeff
    Don't know how you reel your emotions in like you do sometimes.

    This is actually a strength and a weakness sometimes. I am purposely aware to make my thoughts and opinions known more and more this year. It has hurt me at work to keep it all in.

    I run hot, so I do plenty of slow burns. It has been a challenge to learn how to deal with my emotions. I don't believe in unbridled emotions. But I have them, and when I keep them in too much, it hurts me.

    When it comes to JW apologists, I don't sweat them too much. I say over and over that I trust the lurkers that are reading. Remember, they are here precisely because of the rhetoric at the KH. The JW apologists on this board sound exactly like the people who chased them here in the first place. I doubt very much they are taken seriously.

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