Have you ever heard of a situation where a speaker had to leave the platform/stage?

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  • dissed

    We had a speaker in Pomona, CA die of a heart attack on the stage. Its more common than you think.

    Our water was out at the KH and a guest speaker had a dry throat, kept coughing, couldn't go, so one of us (me) went to the store for a bottle of water.

    And for the stupid one me. Recovering from surgery, our PO forgot and assigned me out for a talk, 100 miles away. He demanded that I go and keep my assignment, so as not to put them out.

    I show up for the talk, in pain, on drugs. I try and give the talk, it lasts about 25 minutes, as I then struggled back to my seat.

    Afterwards, they want to know why I was such a trooper, when they have over 20 qualified speakers in their hall. I mentioned this to him and when it came to Elder recomends later, he cited my bad attitude over the assignment. UGH!

  • trueblue

    Just hear say on my part, but a relative of mine that was an elder was getting intoxicated before giving talks and slurring his words. He was told to step down as an elder or be DF. He has changed sense, and does not lecture me any more.

    I did see a man at an assymbly giving a talk with his familly collaps, and he was caught before he hit the floor and drug off the stage. Don't know what the deal was but they soon anounced that he was alright.

  • Leprechaun


    That reminds me of what me and my wife were laughing was about once in make believe land deep in a rabbit hole, we thought wouldn’t it be cool if at every Kingdom Hall there was one special room where there would be at least one nice water bong and after the meetings parents and the elders would put on pull over jammies and take our shoes off, we could meet together to mellow out with soom good hootie and let it all hang out, and have plazma screen TV and watch the movie " Six String Summeri" And just laugh our Hineys off.

  • coffee_black

    I was a householder at age 8. The sister giving the talk suddenly burst into tears, got up and left the platform....leaving me alone up there...not knowing what to do. After a minute or so, I figured out she wasn't coming back...so I left the platform as quietly as I could. I don't remember how they handled it... I just went to my parents and took my seat.


  • truthseekeriam

    Bookstudy conductors stomach started to rumble and I mean rumble his face started to show discomfort as he leans over to whisper in another brothers ear and off he runs to the bathroom. The look on his preteen daughters faces was priceless...They turned bright red and stuck their head in the book. Needless to say he waited for his family in the car.

    Poor guy, I remember before that incident I thought what a handsome man with the perfect beautiful wife and lovely girls, after that all I could remember is that look on his face

  • shopaholic

    The WT study conductor would comment week after week the need for preparation. It was common for no one or the same few folks to raise their hands to comment. It was also common for no one to show up for their assignments, and the school overseer would simply review the info with the congo. Well, during one WT lesson on a very easy question no one raised their hands. The conductor, then attempted to simplify the question...still no hands.

    At that point the conductor threw his hands in the air and shouted "What the f*** is wrong with you people?" then walked off the stage saying something about he didn't need the aggravation, walked to his seat grab his bag and told his wife "Let's go". Another elder then took the stage and ended the meeting.

    The conductor was deleted. The congs in the circuit had a local needs talk about lightening the load of the elders by preparing for meetings, volunteering for parts, blah, blah, blah.

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