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  • Joshnaz

    I enjoyed the standardized "new system" attire the boy and the father were wearing. LOL

  • possible-san

    WTWizard, frankiespeakin, darkl1ght3r, Joshnaz.
    Thank you for your comments.

    I think that your opinion is truthful.

    Although the God which made the universe is vast, the God of Jehovah's Witnesses is very small.
    It is clear that the contents of that DVD includes many contradictions.

    Although they were made by God so that we could enjoy various things, Jehovah's Witnesses cannot enjoy them.
    And, the "love" expressed in their organization is the "restricted love" and "conditional love" (fake love), IMO.


  • TheOldHippie

    "Well said frankie. That was one of the things that I couldn't get off my mind when I was a believer. How the mind (supposedly) behind the laws of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and everthing from beautiful nebulas down to the quantum level intricacies of matter and reality, ALSO thinks that the fat of lambs smells sweet and gets pissed when people masturbate. It just makes no sense."

    It isn't you, then, who is incapable of seeing God's Greatness, but who just HAS to be the tough guy using tough words towards God? The little ant showing off?

  • sd-7

    I shut it off when they said the world mostly uses nuclear power for destructive uses. (then shows a giant mushroom cloud) They Lie. The world mostly uses nuclear power for constructive uses like pwering our house's, hospitals, and schools.

    Valid point, there--I couldn't help thinking, well what about the electricity, cameras, sound equipment, computers, and laser technology required to make this very DVD? Doesn't that power you're using, that 'worldly' people came up with, constitute a meaningful use of power? I thought it odd that a video about creation declaring God's glory even felt a need to mention 'the world'. How does demeaning human inventions give glory to God, when he's supposed to be the one who gave man the capacity to reason and to invent--which man has, in many unacknowledged ways, used for the good of mankind? (sigh)


  • JWoods

    Did they explain the hydrogen-helium cycle of stars like the Sun - and why this specifically makes an eternal Earth/Solar habitable as a planet IMPOSSIBLE?

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